(Pictured Above: Villa Mora, Grand Cayman)

1) Safety:

When visiting the Cayman Islands, rest assured that you can hop in a cab and explore the island to your heart’s desire without any qualms. The Cayman Islands has one of the lowest crime rates in the Caribbean and is extremely tourist friendly.


2) Metropolitan:

Unlike most other islands of the Caribbean, the Cayman Islands is as metropolitan as any North American city while still maintaining a quaint, relaxed and very Caribbean atmosphere. The Cayman Islands strikes the perfect balance of relaxed and modern luxury.

3) Language:

The Cayman Islands are an English-speaking British Overseas Territory so you will seldom find yourself lost in translation.


4) Culinary Capital of the Caribbean:

The Cayman Islands has long been dubbed the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean. With more than 200 restaurants on the tiny island of Grand Cayman, you will find that you are able to enjoy any category of cuisine that your heart desires, from classic Caribbean to Indian or even Australian while overlooking the serene turquoise ocean. The island of Grand Cayman boasts restaurants belonging to award winning chefs such as Michael Schwarts, Eric Ripert and more… “The annual Cayman Cookout is a favorite of celebrity chefs worldwide. Renowned chef Eric Ripert hosts Cayman Cookout every year starring celebrity chefs such as Anthony Bourdain, José Andrés, and many others. Cayman Cookout gives guests the opportunity to enjoy unparalleled cuisine prepared by some of the world’s top chefs, along with exclusive demonstrations, tastings, excursions and events. Cayman’s culinary culture is not only top of the line, it is diverse.” – CIDOT


5) Tourist Activities:

Between a Turtle Farm that allows you to interact with Cayman’s beloved little critters and a natural positioning in the ocean where stingrays dozens of stingrays gather waiting to be fed by the hundreds of visitors passing through on catamarans each day, the Cayman Islands has no shortage of activities to keep your guests entertained. The Caymans are also known to be a world-class diving spot with ocean life available to explore at every stretch of water, including shipwrecks for diver exploration.


6) Venues:

While maintaining a relaxed “soon come” vibe that the Caribbean is known for and expected to embody, it’s no secret that the Cayman Islands is an offshore financial hub and riddled in luxury and all of the finer things in life. With the right Wedding planner in your corner (of course, we recommend our ladies at Celebrations Ltd.), whether you’re looking for a quaint ceremony in the sand or a endless elegance in the form of a grandiose celebration, the Caymans has you covered.


7) People:

Expect a humble nature, addictive laughter, light-hearted banter over the cold refreshing glass of the islands’ very own CayBrew; We’d also be ridiculously irresponsible if we didn’t warn you ahead of time that you are never going to want to leave! How do you think we all got here? Everywhere you go, everywhere you look… there’s CaymanKind.

8) Small:

Probably the most wonderful thing about the Cayman Islands is that you can arrive for a couple days and explore the entire island within just 24 hours. Resting just South of Cuba and Northwest of Jamaica and only and hour’s flight away from Miami, the island of Grand Cayman has a density of only 581.7 /sq mi with its sister islands of Little Cayman & Cayman Brac being even smaller fractions of the size of Grand Cayman.

9) Population/Demographic:

The Cayman Islands is a humble island with a population of only approximately 59k; Of the three islands, Grand Cayman contains approximately 95% of the territory’s entire population.

*Why get married in the Cayman Islands?*