When beginning the wonderful journey of planning your wedding, it’s easy to get lost in the fine details of “what song should we have our first dance to?” and “What are my bridesmaids going to wear?” and while you may know in the grand scheme of things what your overall theme or colors are going to be, without a planner you’ll soon realize that the percentage of the wedding you thought was taken care of wasn’t touched upon at all.

There are levels upon levels of details to handle, from perfectly planning every aspect of your special day and ensuring your guests are guided in a flawless fashion to ensuring the several venues you are sourcing are actually providing maximum attention to your special day – not to mention the million other details in between. All of these details require the attention of a dedicated, experienced Planner to ensure that your vision is realized.

There is, however, another teeny tiny little detail to keep in mind the entire way through: COSTS!!! BUDGETS!!! FIGURES!!!

Believe it or not, the financial aspect of planning a wedding doesn’t have to be so scary. The notion of not being able to make your vision a full reality because of a restricting budget is actually only a factor that comes into play when not taking the time to choose the right type of Planner to take with you on this journey.

Let me help you figure this out. There are two types of Planners, period.

TYPE A: This planner is more of a resource and works for a fully stocked, full-service company with access to their own items such as decor, floral, rentals, artists, etc. This Planner understands your vision and uses components of their inventory of décor items or staff of artists to turn the vision into a reality, in-house.

TYPE B: This planner takes on more of the role of a “Middle Man” working independently for themselves or a boutique planning agency that outsources décor items and floral elements. This Planner understands your vision but must seek retail goods or another full-service Planner’s goods to turn your vision into a reality.

There is no wrong type of planner but there is a RIGHT type of Planner for YOU. Selecting the right type of planner to meet your specific needs makes all the difference in the world when it comes to meeting your budget while receiving the maximum return for your money – and even coming out ahead.

When going through a Planner working for a largely sourced, full-service decor company, that Planner has access to everything you need and MORE to ensure your special day is exactly how you envisioned it to be and better. Type A planner does not need to factor in middle-man costs and does not gain access to another person’s inventory of items at a retail price, unlike the Type B planner.

Answer this: Who could plan a better outfit out of your closet than you? Who has the complete and exact inventory of items in your closet to know what pieces fit you better than others? You, you and you! Now apply that logic to your current scenario. Who is going to know what pieces the décor companies have at their disposal to translate your budget into your dream wedding better than the décor companies themselves? Would you rather the planner working out of their own closet of items, or the independent planner digging through someone else’s closet to find the right outfit? Again, there is no wrong answer… only an answer that makes sense to YOU.

Making the right choice in planner at the beginning of your journey can make or break your budget. Don’t skimp on one of the most precious celebrations in your life! Making the right decision is so much easier when you’ve got the facts.

Good Luck & Happy Planning!


*Wedding Planning: Being The Financially Efficient Bride*