Choosing the right accessories is a hot topic with brides, as hair pieces and vintage jewelry are becoming more and more popular. No matter what your wedding style, two basic rules to follow when choosing the right bridal accessories:

1. It should compliment or be in the same style and feel of your wedding gown.

2. Less is more. Don’t over do it! A few carefully chosen pieces will work

Veil or No Veil? If in the past, the veil was an essential part of your wedding ensemble, nowadays, it’s a matter of personal taste.

They say that there 2 types of brides. The hair brides and the veil brides. Hair brides prefer to focus on their wedding hairstyle and are happy enough to tack a veil into their up-do then later on remove it after the wedding ceremony. The veil bride on the other hand chooses to keep her wedding veil on from ceremony to reception. Whether you are one or the other, what’s important is that you choose the right veil and hairstyle that will compliment your features! Look out for our future blog on how to choose the right veil.

Images from: Twigs & Honey

Hair accessories such as tiaras and headbands are a growing trend. These are suitable for all different styles of gowns, especially the latest boho trend.  Try them out first to see if it fits your face shape.

Floral Hairpieces and Fascinators. You can incorporate fresh or synthetic flowers, jewels or fabric. Think retro-chic. Ask your mother, grandmother and friends for old pieces as a way to bring in some vintage. We love to look to the Brits for inspiration!

Images from: Twigs and Honey

Gloves – usually seen with a traditional wedding gown, but it’s gorgeous  and glamorous too with a retro  wedding gown. Just be warned that if you are doing a beach or an outdoors wedding, it could get very warm.  The rule of the thumb is to choose a glove that will complement rather than overwhelm your wedding gown. If you are wearing a white gown, the gloves has to be white too. Same goes with ivory on ivory. Check out these uber chic lace cuffs we found!

Images from : Etsy

Jewelry. If your wedding gown is fully embellished head to toe, a smaller pair of earrings will do. If, however, you are wearing something simple with just a little amount of sparkle, by all means, wear statement earrings.

Pearls remain to be the most elegant and beautiful jewelry for weddings. As in most bridal accessories, the color of your jewelry should match the color of your dress and compliment your complexion. It should also fit your neck, your shoulders, your arm size, your hairstyle, your veil, your bouquet and most especially your personality. If you have short hair, choose something small and simple, whereas longer hair styles can handle the volume of chandelier earrings.

Images from: Tiger Lily Jewelry

Our best advice is to choose something timeless and classic, and stay true to your personality!