Vicky & Tony : Cayman Destination Wedding

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Vicky & Tony : Cayman Destination Wedding

Tony and Vicky Smart, the UK couple from Liverpool, who won their dream wedding ( designed by Celebrations) and spend their honeymoon here in Cayman courtesy of the Department of Tourism were overwhelmed with the arrangements made on their behalf.  The couple who arrived on Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009, were in awe of their 3 bedroom suite supplied by Caribbean Club  with a breathtaking view of the world-renowned 7 Mile Beach.
Their wedding ceremony was held on the beach of the Caribbean Club. With only 8 guests in attendance, it was a very intimate wedding but  no details were spared. The ceremony was performed under a uniquely designed canopy  with stunning floral and diamante accents that shimmered in the afternoon sun.
 Following the ceremony, a cocktail reception was set up by the pool and then the dinner reception on the balcony of their suite.
The day after their wedding, before leaving on their honeymoon, they were treated to a Stingray City trip which they said was one of the highlights of their destination wedding.
For their honeymoon, the couple travelled to Little Cayman, the smallest island of the 3 islands that makes Cayman, and stayed at the Southern Cross Resort, ” We felt like we were on our own desert island”, said Vicki. ” We went snorkelling, sea fishing and met some lovely people.”
Vicky and Tony sent a lovely email after landing back in the UK: ” Tony and I are back home now!!!We were very sad to leave your beautiful islands! It was a dream come true and far exceeded anything that we could have hoped for, even now we can’t believe it really happened. Thank you all so much again for making our wedding perfect. Vicky & Tony xx”
Thank you Vicky & Tony…you were such a pleasure to work with. We hope you’ll come and visit us again here in the Cayman Islands.
Photography by: David Wolfe

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