Grandview Condos situates itself on the stunning white sands of Seven Mile Beach, nestled in the corner, perfectly private and 100% heavenly. The gorgeous sands are hugged by a backdrop of the clear turquoise ocean and the sparkling modern turquoise pool. An immaculate destination for the most romantic weddings. Celebrations clients & their guests receive the most exclusive rates on rental/venue usage and even condo stays at Grandview!

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Situated at the Southern end of Seven Mile Beach, the Grandview’s location is spectacular for tourists who want to be close to George Town, close to beaches, close to supermarkets, close to restaurants – yet far enough to feel the seclusion and privacy of a Grand Cayman Vacation. The Grandview is perfectly located near the southern end of Seven Mile Beach and offers vacation packages and sixteen world-class accommodations. A world apart, yet only minutes away from all the modern conveniences of Georgetown.

The Grandview provides the ideal setting for families, couples and friends who want the comfort, space and privacy of a large unit on the beach with all the convenience and amenities of a resort. Whether the purpose of your visit is a family vacation, a honeymoon or a business trip, discover why the Grandview is a favorite destination for return visitors who want to have the best vacation in the Cayman Islands.


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