Valentine’s Gift Shopping Tips for Men

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Valentine’s Gift Shopping Tips for Men

Choosing a Valentine’s Day gift can be stressful – not only do you have to decide on a gift, you also have to be aware of what message your gift sends to your recipient. In this way, Valentine’s Day is different from other holidays. The problem arises because, for many, Valentine’s Day is the ultimate day to celebrate love and romance, while to others, it’s not a big deal.”How do I choose the right gift for Valentine’s Day?” Before you decide on a gift, especially if you are choosing between a naughty or a nice gift, there are two things you should consider:
Your relationship. What stage is your relationship in? Have you just met, dating for awhile but still getting to know each other, or are you in a long term relationship, married, or perhaps a secret admirer?
Your message to them. What statement you want to make with your choice of gift. Do you want to leave them speechless? Say you are sorry? Do you want to drive them wild? Or do you just want to say, “I’m thinking of you”?

Once you have answered these questions, you are ready to shop.

Valentine’s Day Shopping Tips for the Men

Guys, beware! Show that you put some thought into your choice of gift. This can make or break a relationship. Your significant other will be looking for a clue as to the message you are sending through your gift. Think romance! To most ladies, Valentine’s Day is the day their man acknowledges his affection/love (depending on the stage of your relationship) for her. If this doesn’t happen, she could be greatly disappointed.


1. No flowers in plastic sheaths – this has grocery store/procrastination written all over it! If you purchase flowers, present them a vase.

2. Avoid Lingerie unless she has pointed it out. Lingerie for Valentine’s Day is never for her, but rather for you. If you do go this route, save her the humiliation of trying it on if it isn’t quite right.

3. Be careful not to sabotage her diet with excessive gifts of chocolate.
4. Humorous gag gifts can be great Valentine’s Day fun, but don’t go so far as to embarrass your loved one.
5. Clothes is usually not be the best choice, but If you choose to give apparel, do your homework!! Make sure to buy the correct size and style. Don’t buy a smaller size as not to offend her – it makes for an awkward situation when it doesn’t fit. Also, many ladies have favorite colors and colors they avoid when it comes to clothing, find out her best colors.
6. Avoid the practical. Even if you know she really wants that new kitchen appliance, don’t go there for Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day is about celebrating your relationship.



1. Send something! Don’t let the day pass you by – if you don’t acknowledge her on Valentine’s Day, someone else might.
2. Make sure the gift is appropriate for your relationship and is sending the right message.
 3. Be yourself! Don’t send a mushy gift if that is totally out of character for you. There are many choices for Valentine’s Day to suit your gifting style.
4. Shop Now! Procrastination increases your stress level and decreases your creativity. Not a good combination! Waiting until the last minute will increase your chances of sending the wrong message, and that, will get you in trouble every time. You can save valuable time by getting ideas and shopping online.
Remember, for Valentine’s Day, the best present of all is you! As long as the gift you send has meaning, it will be cherished. Valentine’s Day can be anything you want it to be – from romantic to fun.



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