Using flowers at your wedding is a wonderful idea and compliments your special day in a way other décor just can’t relate. Take a quick peek at the most popular entries when it comes to weddings on social media. You’ll find out that one thing they share is beautiful wedding flowers.

Flowers are a way to boost the romance and love at your wedding. They are a constant trend for décor options, and with the vast number of types and colors, it can be a bit overwhelming coming to a set selection.  Usually, couples will schedule some time with a florist as they plan for their wedding day. Many wedding themes can also be based on flowers and specific colors they come in. These kinds of weddings often happen in the summer, spring, or fall.

Flowers will also add a unique enhancement to your wedding pictures. You’ll love the many beautiful photos that you and your guests can get as a result. They are an excellent wedding investment if you want gorgeous wedding pictures and videos.

We’ve noticed when it comes to flowers; couples have a problem with how to go out of the norm with them. You deserve to have a unique celebration featuring gorgeous and personalized flower arrangements. Here’s our ultimate guide on wedding flowers to help customize your day.

Use More Than One Kind

Typically, when you have an arrangement or bouquet, there is more than one type of flower included. Suppose you’d like more of a simplistic look. In that case, you could combine two options with accenting greenery to keep a natural feel. If you’d like more of a full look, we suggest speaking with our florist on recommendations to include multiple different blooms and foliage. Then, all you have to do is make sure your flowers and your color theme for your wedding compliment and don’t clash. The goal is for your wedding to have a beautiful atmosphere with lots of fun elements.

Go Simple

Simplicity will always be a flattering look when it comes to wedding decor. So, depending on how formal your theme is, you could choose some simple wedding flower décor. It could make all the difference at your event.

If you’d like to gear down on the décor and focus on other aspects of your day, there are a few options we can suggest instead of a large arrangement on every guest table. Keeping it classy, use only a few blooms in small glass vases that can be arranged on your guest tables. This gives you the option to use a more extensive arrangement to decorate your head table or sweetheart table.

Use Unique Containers

Using unique vases or different props to create your floral arrangement can be a fun way of bringing a unique spin to your wedding day. From lovely large centerpieces in various sizes to custom-built backdrops for a fun photo opportunity, the more custom with your pieces, the more memorable to guests!

You Can’t Go Wrong with Floral Table Runner

If the unique centerpieces and arrangements that we mentioned above aren’t your style, there are more options to include floral to your decor. Table runners have quickly come back in style, and designers are finding incredible ways to create fantastic table runners with your flowers and greenery. You could use greenery with pops of flowers to make long garlands for rectangular tables or create an open round garland with flowers and accent candles. This type of décor is perfect when it comes to outdoor weddings.

In choosing your wedding flowers, many people tend to choose their selection based on color, texture, or sometimes even their meaning. However, if you can’t seem to make up your mind, the following paragraphs on flowers and their meanings might help. Check them out!


Roses at a wedding signify a celebration of love and beauty. They come in an array of colors and can also have the option of spray to get the full color you’re looking for. Roses also grow all year round, so you won’t have to worry about supply.


Peonies signify delicate beauty and usually are available in the spring. You can find white, cream, peach, pink, and burgundy peonies if you know just where to look. Although a beautiful flower, sometimes Peonies can be pretty expensive.


Tulips are available in nearly every color of the rainbow and signify happy years ahead. They are gorgeous flowers and will look amazing in your wedding photographs, creating an elegant look to your bouquet.

Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas at a wedding signify a celebration of long-lasting happiness. They come in white, apricot, cream, pale pink, dark pink, red, lavender, and purple.


Dahlias have the most amazing spicy scent and signify dignity. They come in yellow, orange, white, pink and purple.


Bouvardias are a great way to show your enthusiasm for the future, and what better time to show that than your wedding! However, this bloom only comes in white, peach, pink, and red.


Hydrangeas are the flowers to go for if you want to celebrate devotion at your wedding. You can find beautiful hydrangeas in blue, lavender, pink, purple, and violet. They also exist in green and white and can be sprayed to a color of your liking. Hydrangeas are a great flower to include in your arrangement as they are quite large and cost-effective.


Sunflowers are often bright yellow with brown centers. You can, however, find varieties that include shades of copper, red, brown, orange, bi-colored, or even white! Sunflowers at a wedding celebrate loyalty and admiration but you must be sure they won’t clash with the rest of your décor or floral selections with their unique look.


Carnations represent fascination at a wedding. They are available in yellow, white, pink, or red, or speckled. Carnations are a very cost-effective and beautiful bloom that are extremely popular in wedding arrangements.


Daisies only come in white but can be sprayed or dyed in different colors. This bloom is symbolized to portray innocence. If you are having a spring garden wedding, you might include a mixture of daisies, sunflowers, and accenting greenery for your floral accents and bouquet.


Orchids are the perfect way to portray luxury at your wedding and are extremely popular for the day. There are multiple different variations of orchids that come in different colors, sizes, and shapes, so your florist will always be able to get creative if this is the flower of your calling!

In Conclusion

Flowers add a romantic and classic feel to your celebration. So, feel free to choose from the options above to decorate your event and please visit our contact page if you’d like to speak with a designer on the different arrangements or bouquet options.