To Infinity and Beyond…Ahmed to represent Celebrations at Shuttle Launch!

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To Infinity and Beyond…Ahmed to represent Celebrations at Shuttle Launch!

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Ahmed Elkaswani from Celebrations was the coordinator for a wedding for an extraordinary couple on January 19, 2008. Both individuals are astronauts working at NASA in Cape Canaveral! Gregory Johnson is a Pilot for NASA and his wife Nanette Faget is a Ground Engineer. This wedding was for about 30 guests at a Villa in Kaibo. The couple and their guests were extremely happy with Ahmed’s service and the expertise of the other vendors we hired for them.
“Greg and I had our first vacation together on Grand Cayman in July 2007. Greg always said that one of the keys to a happy marriage is to be compatible on a vacation so this was sort of a test for us, a fun one at that! Needless to say we had a perfect vacation. We spent a luxurious romantic week, just the two of us and had a wonderful time – scuba diving, snorkeling, hanging out at Rum Point, shopping in Georgetown, touring Pedro’s Castle, eating out at all the excellent restaurants, and floating in our pool. Two months later Greg proposed so I guess we were pretty compatible.
After he proposed I found out there was an ulterior motive to our trip. We both knew we wanted to have a destination wedding so while we were on vacation he was also scouting out possible wedding locations,” says Nanette.
They have since invited Ahmed to view the highly publicized launch of the Atlantis Space Craft in Cape Canaveral, Florida on October 10, 2008. This is a very important event in the USA and is one of the last missions to repair the Hubble scope. Ahmed is very exciting to be attending the launch and witnessing this moment in history first hand!
Gregory Johnson is the Pilot of this shuttle and has also informed us he will be flying a Cayman Islands flag with him on the Space Shuttle and will also be trying to get a photo of the Cayman Islands from space. He will then return to Cayman and present this photo and the flag to either the Governor or another Cayman Island Government Representative.
Needless to say, we are all extremely excited and strongly feel that it has been Ahmed’s excellent service and Celebrations top of the line involvement in this couple’s wedding from the start that has made such a huge impact on their view of the Cayman Islands. We strongly believe that this is an extremely important opportunity for us as an Island and that this truly is history in the making!

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