Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, February 20, 2018 — In the wake of tragic events and depressing news stories circulating the Press, random acts of kindness have been taking over the globe, from the every day acts of average citizens to million dollar giveaways by A-Listers, there has been a trend of giving leading to Random Acts of Kindness Day celebrated in the U.S. on Saturday February 17th. The tradition began in New Zealand in 2005 and has been sweeping countries across the globe with the hope of small differences leading to big changes.

Fresh on the heels of Valentine’s Day, the team at Celebrations are jumping aboard the kindness train, giving away thousands of roses to the residents of several non-profit havens for members of society who might be forgotten in days of celebration.

“We really wanted to take this opportunity to spread the love to everyone who we could think might need it. A small act of kindness can do wonders and I truly believe it has a domino-effect that leads to everyone in your presence feeling the same love you felt in that moment. It can lift your spirits and change your perspective. It’s contagious.” – CEO & Creative Director of Celebrations, JoAnne Brown

Celebrations trucks are on the road with hundreds upon hundreds of roses going to the elderly residents of the Pines Retirement Home, children and staff at the Frances Bodden Children’s Home, patients at George Town Hospital and more.

Today and every day, love is sweeping the island with a little help from Celebrations.