Written by Celebrations Ltd. Intern, Anne-Marie Stephens


When planning events some people think, “Hey, I can do this by myself! It can’t be that hard.” That is, until they start trying to plan the event and realize that it is not as easy as it looks. There are many things that have to be done when organizing an event; these things take a lot of time, and usually multiple people, to get various tasks done. Professional event planners have a long list of tips, tricks, and resources under their sleeves that they have developed through years of experience and practice.


Firstly, having an event coordinator or planner saves time. Planning an event is a full-time job, and most people are already working full-time, and have many other obligations including their families to attend to. It is simply unrealistic to pile the task of planning an entire event on to your already fully loaded day. Our event planners at Celebrations will work full-time on your event, making sure that everything is perfect for you and your guests. From finding a location, to finding the right vendors for the various products and services needed for this event to be a success, your event planner will take care of everything for you.


Having an event planner take care of everything reduces your stress. You tell your planner what your budget is, what your ideas are, and watch as they bring everything to life for you. They are the experts, and they have years of experience and resources to relieve you of this workload. Not only that, but they have the creativity to enhance your ideas, and the tools to make everything a reality. Instead of having to include calling every photographer in the phone book to find someone to photograph your event to your already long list of tasks for the day, your planner will have a list of Preferred Vendors who have been tried and work excellently! You may even be able to get special rates out of the connection!


On that note, a professional event planner can also help you save money while planning your event. While some people may think that they will save money by doing everything themselves, or dealing with vendors directly, these professionals can help you to avoid making mistakes that cost you a lot of money in the long run. Your time is also valuable. Don’t neglect to factor in what 5 hours of your time spent trying to organize an aspect of the event is worth to you when it could have been compacted into a 1 hour task for your Planner. Event planners from Cayman Islands event management companies such as Celebrations Ltd. have relationships with many vendors – both on island, and internationally – to ensure that you get both the best products, and the best prices.


Your event planner will have the necessary resources that you may not have access to. While you may have a friend that can cater for your event, or a sister than can help to design your space for you, Celebrations Ltd. has a large team of planners, and designers, with thousands of square feet of event rental equipment, décor, accessories, and unique gifts to make memories that last a lifetime. We’re sure your Aunt’s casserole is great but don’t be sure your guests will all share the same feeling! For any products or services that Celebrations Ltd. cannot take care of in-house, we have a long list of vendors to choose from who are guaranteed to provide only the best.


Having an event planner is simply a smart decision. Our team specializes in everything from modest beach side set ups to royal weddings or luxurious corporate events in the Cayman Islands, and everything in between. Our planners will make sure that your event goes well, and according to schedule; they will even ensure that everything is cleaned and packed up after the event. Our team will take the stress of planning away from you, allowing you to enjoy your special event. Celebrations Ltd. is the first choice for Cayman Islands events when only the extraordinary will do.