1) Perfume Sample – May we suggest Lollia? Adorable miniature bottles available for purchase at Celebrations Ltd. in Camana Bay

2) Bobby Pins! You can’t keep an up-do up all night without ’em! Especially if you’re dancing the night away!

3) Miniature hairspray and a comb! See #2. Leave a loose fringe for the beach!

4) Blotting Sheets to keep a shiny forehead at bay…

5) Safety Pins! Safety Pins! Safety Pins!

6) Either a credit card or cash – don’t underestimate the power of hunger when the party is all over and you need a chicken poutine!

7) Your phone! Glam group selifes didn’t originate at the Oscars, they just borrowed the idea!

8) Gum! Fresh breath, happy night.

9) Lipstick, obviously.

10) A compact to triple check your grin pre-selfies!