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Ten Naked Cakes We’re GAGA Over

The beautiful thing about a naked cake is the uncomplicated process, yet beautifully rustic, blank palette it offers – allowing for maximum creativity and pretty minimal skill or tools needed. You make a cake, you frost its layers and you decorate! I use the term decorate lightly because it doesn’t necessarily require carefully positioned somethings or perfectly precision-ed anythings – you can simply toss some confectioners sugar over the entire thing and call it a day! Beautiful!

For those who are willing to put a little more time into their cakes, well then you’re setting yourself up to create a MASTERPIECE and you should bring a slice (or several) to our offices here at Celebrations. Seriously. With a tad more effort, the possibilities are endless. From a carousel of flavors suiting the aesthetic, such as strawberry-vanilla, lemon tea, peanut butter & jelly, chocolate chip or even salted apple caramel (OMG!) to a multitude of simple techniques such as an ombre color-fade in the layers or decorating with herbs and floral.

Below are 10 gorgeous naked cakes that require no words. Take a look! Get inspired! Bake a cake! Bring me some!











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