10 04, 2015

Wedding Planning: Being The Financially Efficient Bride

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CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD A PDF OF THIS ARTICLE: Wedding Planning Article When beginning the wonderful journey of planning your wedding, it's easy to get lost in the fine details of "what song should we have our first dance to?" and "What are my bridesmaids going to wear?" and while you may know in the grand scheme of things what your overall theme or colors are going to be, without ...

10 04, 2015


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15 Gorgeous Flower Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind   1. Cut the stems of your flowers at a 45-degree angle one inch from the bottom. This instantly increases the surface area for water intake, so your flowers will be well hydrated.   2. Use a teacup as a vase. Don't trash flowers with shorter stems. Instead display them in a teacup. Keep the stems together using a clear hair tie, ...