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12 03, 2017
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2019-01-25T06:15:48-05:00March 12, 2017|Events, Food/Drink|

The Dinner In White Event, an homage to the famous Diner en Blanc which hosts exclusive VIP dinners at secret locations across the globe. At the original Diner en Blanc festivities, a list of VIP guest are invited to dress in all white, bring food and furniture to the secret location and it ultimately culminates in the world's most exclusive potluck picnic. At the Cayman Islands version, per the "CaymanKind" ...

11 04, 2016
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2016 Diner En Blanc / Dinner in White – Cayman Islands

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The Cayman Islands first annual Dinner in White - inspired by the internationally acclaimed "Diner en Blanc" - took place on Saturday April 9th at the much anticipated "secret location" which was revealed to be Dart Family Park. Design & Production by Celebrations Ltd. Organized by Epic Day Entertainment and Out of the Blu Marketing with proceeds benefiting the Cayman Islands National Trust. Upon entering the wooded passage-way leading ...