When we think of weddings one of the first things we envision is the dress! Unlike brides, who most of which have been dreaming of their wedding day and what they will be wearing since childhood, grooms have it a little harder in finding the perfect suit to walk down the aisle with.  Have no fear, we’re here to save the day!

Here’s our collection  favourite suits that you can choose to wear on your wedding day!

(Pardon all the Hollywood inspiration as we are still on a high from all the glitz and glam of the most recent Oscars.)

Who  remembers Tom Cruise’s grey suit in Mission Impossible “Ghost Protocol” or Daniel Craig’s  fitted grey suit in the James Bond “Skyfall”? I do! Apparently, I am not the only one as thousands were captivated and beguiled by these trendy grey suits. Believe it or not, whole pages exist on the internet dedicated to these suits. It’s timeless and versatile, but a tad more interesting than your standard black number.



GREY-SUIT-3----DESTINATION-WEDDING-FOR-GROOMGrey suits are universally popular  because they also suit almost any complexion. With shades ranging from pale grey to a deep dark charcoal there are plenty of options. Grey suits give great texture and go well with pastel colours as well as bright bold tropical colours such as hot pink or emerald green.  Grey suites provide a great bridge between a more casual beach look while keeping your image traditional and formal. Another benefit is that grey suites work great against all types of backdrops from the sandy beach and the blue skies. We love how our groom paired his grey suit with matching grey striped ties.

They are also light weight suits, hence making them comfortable to wear especially at a typically warm Caribbean day!

Stunning, tropical and chic. Mixing the best of sun wear with a smart yet relax twist. These suits are always popular and can be given their individual looks by teaming them with fabulous and vibrant ties like this one, which we just love!!!  Remember the summer ivory suit worn by Leonardo Caprio in Great Gatsby? Talk about dapper!




Again there are many options available out there ranging from a soft almost cream  paired with a turquoise tie, to the sandy coloured  suit paired with a gorgeous teal tie. We love how a couple of our grooms wore  bow tie sand braces/suspenders with their suits. If you’re wanting something a bit more relaxed why not skip the tie altogether. The only downside is that the shade doesn’t pop out against the sand quite as much as other options.


White suits  give you a very formal look  than the traditional black. Outdoor venues, such as the beach or the garden, are the most appropriate places to strut your stylish stuff in a white suit. And, don’t fear; the “no white” rule at weddings applies only to women. The only downside is that it can be difficult to keep clean (especially when sharing the wedding cake for the first time!), but it presents a beautiful picture.



What colours pair best with a white suit? Some men make the mistake of seeing the white suit as a blank canvas with which to adorn themselves in multicolor, multi-stripe shirts. This, however, couldn’t be more wrong. To prove you know how to wear a white suit, opt for dress shirts in soft pastels (light blues, lilacs) or white with a pinpoint collar.   Essentially, you have to play it cool and safe by staying with solid accents. And remember the cardinal rule of accessorizing the white suit: When in doubt, don’t wear it. Stay away from over-the-top colours, patterns and accessories, and just let the white suit do all the work for you.
Navy suits work similar to grey suites but with a little more warmth to them. This modern look is very stylish and formal. Pair it with any colour tie or make the suit pop while staying formal by pairing it with a neutral tie like our groom below. Navy suits are perfect for daytime wear and should be paired with shoes in brown hues. Bonus: There are almost no color shirts that don’t match navy or grey.

Even if you marry in paradise you can still have a church wedding and for many this means sticking with a traditional black tie. But don’t worry black tie is not just for the church it works fantastic on lawn weddings to and even on the beach.


Why not ditch the jacket if doing it on the sand, after all the weather can get warm. Some may think this is too informal but we think it’s great. With smart pants, a smart shirt and the perfect boutonniere you definitely do not miss the jacket. Mix things up and wear a coloured shirt for a pop of colour!

Finally one of our favourites is when a groom follows his heritage and wears a traditional suit like our Scottish couple who opted for a kilt. Who would have thought a kilt would look this good on the beach, we just love it .


And here’s one of our Indian grooms wearing an Indian Sherwani!


No matter what you choose to wear on your wedding day, here’s a tip you should take note of ! “One thing to remember when getting married under the sun guy, bring a spare shirt. This way you always look fresh and crisp even after being under the sun for a while.”