There is no other holiday in the calendar that celebrates L-O-V-E better than Valentine’s Day. This year, through the help of our Facebook page, we’ve decided to highlight the fact that Valentine’s need not be just associated with Romantic Love, but it is also about filial love, platonic love, and love for one’s self!

If you are following us on Facebook, you would notice that we have been actively posting images with the call for our followers to Tag Someone who best fits that particular photo. A few samples of these posts are below.    TAG-SOMEONE

Through this simple Facebook contest, we want to change the face of Valentine’s Day and embrace not only Romantic love, but also all the different loves we have in our lives! There’s no harm in widening the kinds of love that you can express, especially on such a special day.

This year we encourage you to treat your special someone to flowers and gifts but also think of doing something special for that person who could use some love on Valentine’s Day. Maybe a friend is  hurting or feeling low. Maybe Mom would love to know how much you love her.  Maybe  you want to show some love to  something bigger than yourself: a cause, a charity, maybe a group of people who try to make the world better though a team effort or your colleagues at work! Maybe you love yourself enough to treat yourself to some roses this Valentine’s Day!

The point is, we believe that Love this Valentine’s Day should not be limited to one person. It should be celebrated, shared and expressed. It is, after all, a special day in the calendar, one that is specially marked to celebrate LOVE — in all forms. So go ahead and spread the LOVE.

For Valentine’s flowers and gift ideas, please check our Great Gatsby inspired Valentine’s Collection: click here.


Our TAG SOMEONE contest is still on-going at Facebook (click here)here) : . Follow us, show some love and join the on-going contests. Who knows you might be the lucky winner!