Is 2022 going fast for you? Because it is for us. But we still have the rest of the year to celebrate. Truthfully, we’re looking forward to celebrating your wedding. Which is why we’re going to be laying out some of the 2022 wedding trends that were noticing and discovering with every enquiry. Let’s jump right in.

Virtual Save-the-Dates

A great eco friendly way to save time and have everything filed away is virtual save the dates.
This will be the quickest form on communication, notifying friends and family immediately to reserve the date. It really is a great way to keep communication clear to all guests with the plans, details and timings.
Going virtual not only saves couples money but also eliminates a lot of stress and waiting around for responses.

Specialty Bars

One standard main bar is totally a thing of the past.
Couples are now opting for additional bars to enhance the guest’s experience. We are seeing a huge increase in fun and quirky bar ideas where the guests can get specific drinks from. Like tequila bars, rum bars, cigar bars and coconut bars are very popular here in the Cayman Islands.
We love being presented with fun ways we can get our creative caps on an design something super special!

Hanging Florals

We are seeing a huge demand for large floral installations – specifically hanging ones. By hanging florals and lighting above the table it certainly adds a dramatic element and height to the room and outdoor space. Not only is it beautiful and extravagant its extremely practical, it frees up a lot more space around the guests’ tables, so they feel less like canned sardines and more relaxed whilst eating.

The Long Wedding Weekend

The last few years has seen the entire world in lock downs.
We have been restricted when it comes to spending time with loved ones. We’ve seen time and time again couples heartbroken and having to re-arrange their wedding dates and some even having to entirely cancel, so when planning new dates were seeing a massive increase in a “long weekend” event and we do not blame anyone for wanting to extend the celebrations!
These multi-day experiences are a fabulous way to extend hospitality to family and friends. Especially if you’re hosting a destination wedding and guests are travelling from afar.

Vibrant Color Schemes

Couples are really getting into color schemes FINALLY and ditching tradition… And we LOVE it. It allows us to be creative and quirky. The Vibrant trend of bright weddings is beautiful to see, whether it be a pop of color or the full shebang it allows the couple to have fun.
After all a wedding is a reflection of the couple and personalities. Why not have fun with it.

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Written by: Charlotte Loughead
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