“Something old,
something new,
something borrowed,
something blue,
and a silver sixpence in her shoe.”

We often hear this phrase on weddings, but hardly anyone knows what it really means and where this tradition started from. This tradition stems from an old English folklore dated all the way back to 1898. During those days, family members and the members of the bridal party brought the bride something  old, something new, something borrowed, something blue as special tokens of their love for the bride and to also wish her luck on her special day.

Nowadays, this tradition is commonly used by brides and here are a few great ideas on how our brides incorporate it to their own weddings!

  • SOMETHING OLD –  According to old superstition,  “the something old” ensures that the bride’s friends will be faithful when she needs them especially when she embarks on her new life with her husband and his family.
  1. Get married at a historic location such as Pedro St. James Castle
  2. Vintage silk ribbons for accents
  3. Find an old window and use it  for seating charts.


  1. Incorporate vintage silk or ribbon to your bridal bouquet
  2. Use old family photos as focal points in the wedding decor.


  •  Something New  – is a promise to a future of marital bliss.



  1.  Treat the bride to a pair of new pair of earring before she walks down the aisle
  2. Find a new charm for the bride’s charm bracelet



  1.  A new pair of shoes to walk down the aisle with
  2. Treat the groom to some fancy accessories to wear on the big day
  3. New jewellery will do the trick also.
  • Something borrowed – is a symbolism of the love of the bride’s family and that she may take it with her as she moves to a different chapter in her life as a wife.


  1. Use someone else’s classic car
  2. Borrow your mother’s old pearls.
  • Something  Blue – is a symbolism of love, good fortune and constancy.


  1.  Blue linens, blue flowers!
  2.  How about a custom wedding arch in blue lavishly draped in blue fabric too
  3. Give the bridesmaid’s something blue to wear.



  1. Blue sand for the sand ceremony.
  2. Blue skies and gorgeous blue Cayman water.
  3. A pair of comfy kicks in blue!
  • A Sixpence in Your Shoe –  represents good fortune and prosperity. This is largely a British custom nowadays.

If you have a few more ideas on how this traditional custom can be carried out during these modern times, we would love to hear all about it!