Software Group Incentive Program in the Cayman Islands

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Software Group Incentive Program in the Cayman Islands

Hi everyone!!!!

It feels like ages since I’ve blogged. :-(   I’ve been really busy working with a huge group who’ve chosen the Cayman Islands for their 700-guest group incentive program. 700 guests!!!  I kid you not!

We’re working alongside One Smooth Stone and the Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman in making this huge software company’s group incentive one to remember. Each year they travel to exotic locations and each year their main objective is to surpass what’s done before. Trust me, this feat is not an easy task as this group has gone to some pretty amazing places and done some pretty amazing things …Greece, Italy, Hawaii just to name a few!

The attention to detail for this group is in one word….SUPERB! And you will see why. I will be blogging about this in parts as there is just way to much to talk about. So keep checking us for details.

Day 1. Luncheon. Ritz Carlton’s Residences Presidential Suites. Chairman’s Luncheon

Day one of BMC Software Group IncentiveBMC SoftwareBMC Software

Day 1. Ritz Carlton’s Residences. Chairman’s Dinner

BMC Software

BMC Software - Presidential Suite Foyer
BMC Software Incentive Programme
BMC Software

That’s just Day One!!! Check us back again for more updates!

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