Software Group Incentive Program – Day 6

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Software Group Incentive Program – Day 6

The last event for this group is the one of the Chairman’s event at Osetra Bay. With the elegant and chic location of Osetra Bay in mind, we’ve designed something really unusual yet stylish for this event.


To complement the X-shaped formation of the tables, we designed rows glass globes with flowers pierced through with  a bamboo pole brimming with flowers too. At the center is a layered centerpiece composed of hydrangeas, roses and callas.


Here’s a close up photo of the composite that made this X-shaped centerpiece truly unique!


This whole experience has really sparked our imaginations and gave us a chance to showcase what we at Celebrations can offer to clients from all over the world to make their event a one-of-a-kind experience here in the Cayman Islands.

To our clients and partners, thank you so much for this wonderful experience!!! We’ll forever be grateful.


the Celebrations Team

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