Software Group Incentive Program – Day 4 Gala Event

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Software Group Incentive Program – Day 4 Gala Event

The Celebrationsteam took a few seconds to pose for the cam before they tackled this huge and very detailed event set-up!

Ritz Carlton’s art deco chandeliers were subtly camouflaged by purple and teal fabric, creating this uniquely magnificent lighting fixtures. Adding the custom draping around the chandeliers gave the Ritz Carlton Ballroom a grandeur that is unique to Gala Event.

It’s so exciting when you design something like this and when you actually see it in all it’s glorious beauty…breathtaking!

BMC Software - Day 4

The centerpieces were made of Hydrangeas, Roses, Calla Lilies, Irises and globes mad of spun silver wire. FYI, these silver globes were used as inspiration for dessert! As soon as I get a hold of the photos from all the photographers in this event, you’ll see what exactly I’m talking about.

BMC Software - Day 4

And here’s what we call pièce de résistance!!!

The Chairman’s table for 41 seated guests was a 55-foot long showcase of teal tablecloth accentuated by purple runners, huge clusters of luscious purple flowers and glittering candelabras in all shapes and sizes.

BMC Software - Day 4BMC Software - Day 4

Nothing was spared to make this Gala Event what it was planned to be …. an evening of enchantment!

Up next? Part 2 of Day 4!!!

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