Software Group Incentive Program – Day 3

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Software Group Incentive Program – Day 3

Day 3. Music and Food Festival. Ritz Carlton Beach

For this low-key event, 700+ guests were once again invited to cool off at Ignite Island, which has been transformed by bringing in orange and red hues from the pillows and the floral accents.

BMC Day 3
BMC Day 3
BMC Day 3

For dinner, guests were dining alfresco right on the world famous Seven Mile Beach!

The centerpieces for all the tables were made of flowers in shades of bright yellows …Sunflowers and Gerberas all nicely arranged in a knitted ivory container. Another set of these knitted containers were also used for favours for all the guests.

Bamboo chairs were used for this event to compliment the brown fabric and the rustic, family-style dinner. A custom-made table collar of bright orange paper stock was used around the edges of each tables just to add more pizzazz to the setting.

BMC Day 3BMC Day 3

By the way, did I mention that it was H-O-T out there when we were setting up the event? Sweltering hot.Yet seeing this event come together … a fully transformed Ignite Island, simple yet beautiful table settings, scrumptious food prepared by Ritz Carlton, the Caribbean Ocean just a few steps away, 700+ guests spending a star-filled night dancing to some great Caribbean rhythms….made it all worth it!

Check us again for Day 4, the Gala Night! It’s definitely one for the books! 😉

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