Software Group Incentive Program – Day 2

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Software Group Incentive Program – Day 2

Day 2. Ritz Carlton, Grand Cayman. Welcome Event

To formally welcome the 700+ guests for this software’s group incentive program, everyone was invited to the the beach front of the Ritz Carlton, Grand Cayman.

BMC Day 2
Guests were asked to step onto a Celebrations custom-built wooden bridge connecting the Ritz Carlton pool deck and the world-famous Seven Mile Beach. Upon stepping off the bridge, they were automatically transported to Ignite! Island.
BMC - Day 2
BMC Day 2
Ignite! Island is an oasis where guests can lounge in the shade and enjoy the cool breeze from the ocean and take in the gorgeous blues of the world famous Seven Mile Beach.
Bamboo panels with white linens were used to create an element of reveal when guests come closer to Ignite! Island. A custom bamboo bar was also created for this highly detailed event.
BMC Day 2
Crisp white lounge chairs dotted with bright coloured teal, fuchsia and orange pillows were strategically placed within Ignite! Island…affording everyone inside a panoramic view of Seven Mile Beach. White giant globe chandeliers were strung from the tent ceiling and orange lamps provided a modern twist to ambient lighting.
Christmas palms and lush foliage were also brought in to add more vibrancy inside Ignite! Island.
BMC Day 2
Here’s the partial set-up for the  Welcome Event on the beach and a close up of the gorgeous fabric we used for overlays!  Love, love the gorgeous fabric from BBJ Linens!  No fish and shell design on this fun and quirky fabric, but it still is reminiscent of the wonders of the sea!

BMC Day 2

Here’s a dusk view of Ignite! Island!  

BMC Day 2

Ken Haller, Vice-president of One Smooth Stone can’t help but enthuse how Ignite! Island could not have looked any better!

We’re happy that you’re happy Ken!
Off to Day Three!!!

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