While planning your Cayman Islands wedding, there are many details to consider. This usually makes it easier for couples to focus on the big ones and neglect the smaller ones. They often think that they’d have enough time to come back to those in the future. Sadly, these often end up being forgotten as time goes on.

To avoid missing a single thing, some couples make what is known as a must-have wedding list. Here, they put down the significant details to first focus on when planning their Caribbean wedding. At this point, they also include the more minor but essential information that needs to be handled.

As a Special Events Planning and Coordination company, Celebrations Ltd. understands the importance of all these details and their meaning- big or small. So you see, these details though considered small, can have a significant effect on your celebration. That’s why we’ve decided to remind you of them again in this article. So here are some small wedding details that you don’t want to miss at Your Caribbean wedding.

Proper Direction Signs

Coming to a new destination can be highly confusing to some of your guests, especially if your ceremony space is not visible from the parking space or entrance of the venue. Having the right signs up will help guests at your Caribbean wedding get to you easier and faster. They can also add a fun edge to your wedding décor if you coordinate them with your wedding theme.

Ask your planner to see the previously made signs, or perhaps look into having a custom sign designed just for you!

Aisle Markers

Aisle markers can add a simple or theatrical touch to your walkway and are another wedding detail you should consider adding to your must-have wedding list. From a few loose flowers in a small vase along the set walkway to a whole garland of luscious greenery and florals, you are given a chance to be creative with your ceremony space.

They also add a lovely touch of color and elegance to your wedding. You can use flowers, bows, or even balloons for the aisle markers at your Cayman Islands wedding.

A Fun Relief Station

Although your Coordinator has probably told you about the need for sunscreen and perhaps bug spray on your special day, your guests might not have picked up on the memo… Give your guests a chance to refresh and revive themselves at your Caribbean wedding with a well-designed relief station.

Couples often overlook the décor aspect of their relief stations. They only focus on the items that must be present, like water bottles, slippers, and even umbrellas. A relief station that is properly designed will not only serve its relief function. It will also add to your décor and improve your wedding atmosphere.

Themed Cocktail Napkins & Tissues

Your cocktail napkins will help guests balance those little cocktail plates while enjoying delicious Canapé and beverages. They could also stop glasses from making a wet mess on your carefully thought-out décor.  Plain white cocktail napkins are always a classy, safe decision, although you can really get personal with themed cocktail napkins! They could improve your décor and make your wedding feel festive too.

Perhaps a furry friend couldn’t make it on the day, or you’d like to put a fun fact about you and your loved one – the options are endless!

Buffet Table Décor

Do you plan to have a buffet at your celebration? Then don’t forget to have it decorated. Couples tend to focus most times on only the food that will go on the table. But you can’t just leave it looking bare either. A little bit of décor could go a long way from a few simple floral arrangements, Luxury candleholders, or decorating with the food itself.

Speak with your caterer about ways you can incorporate different levels to your table to really get interesting.