We’re like really, really, really excited about this post. Why? Because we get to take a break from our diets and meetings to venture into the reality of a child. Better yet, a child’s birthday party! We’ve taken the time to highlight six of our favorite children’s birthday parties by Celebrations Ltd. from the last 12 months. While we love our beautiful Islands to bits and pieces, we understand that there are only so many beach barbecues parents can plan to celebrate the born-day of their little ones. Want to do something outside of the box? Affordable? Fun? Want to throw a party that will be the talk of the kids for ages and the envy of the adults for hours? We’ve got you covered! Let’s get right into it with our top 6 Birthday Parties from 2015 (in no particular order, because we’re obsessed with them ALL)…



  1. Around The World In One Day!Take the children around the world in a day with this birthday theme! Cardboard box airplanes, atlas backdrops, globe cake-pops and more! And why should the kids have all the fun? Set up a table vignette for the adults with many cultural gourmet options – from Classic Cayman all the way through to Traditional Chinese or take it to Japan with some Sushi. Best. Party. EverAwesome Travel Themed Children's Birthday Party - Cayman Islands Kids Birthday Ideas 
  2. Welcome To The CircusPrepare to be amazed by the great and powerful something or other! Let’s face it, the greatest incentive of this theme to mommy and daddy is the yummy buttery popcorn while the kiddies jump on trampolines or dazzle in the greatness of the balloon artist. With so much to see and so much to do, how can you not have the greatest day ever at the circus? Color us obsessed with this Celebrations birthday theme!Awesome Circus Themed Children's Birthday Party - Cayman Islands Kids Birthday Ideas


  3. The Fairy Tale PrincessIf you’ve got a little diva on your hands, not just any old birthday will do! You need to go all out. We’re talking velvety pink carpets, diamonds and ponies. If your diva has the attention span of the average kiddie, consider yourself blessed as sugar crystals and a puppy will suffice before they’re on to popping balloons and twirling for the cameras. Our little Princess Cassie here had the time of her life at this party fit for the only the best, complete with Disney Princess photo booth and a sign homage to her favorite things! Btw, we’re also obsessed with Littlest Pet Shop so kudos to Cassie for her excellent taste in daytime cartoons!Awesome Fairytale Princess Themed Children's Birthday Party - Cayman Islands Kids Birthday Ideas
  4. Lego My Lego!Ok. This theme is pure awesome. Literally, the recipe for it is awesome-sauce and that’s all. LEGO! Not only will every kid at the party have a blast building at the tables and enjoying the movie on the big screen, but the adults will be just as entertained creating little tiny versions of the shopping malls  they’d otherwise wish they were currently at. We’re talking Lego dessert table, Lego gift bags, Lego centerpieces, doors made into giant Lego pieces and more!

    Awesome Lego Themed Children's Birthday Party - Cayman Islands Kids Birthday Ideas
  5. Little Miss Spa PartyOpting for this theme? We’re jealous. First step? Let’s go grab those teen beat and bop magazines because we’re going to need some 1Direction and Justin Bieber gossip STAT! While the little ones get decked out in their pink robes and fluffy slippers, let’s prepare the yummy edible facial cremes and get that nail bar of stickers and funky colors organized. The divas are about to arrive. We’ve got the decorations fully covered here while you get ready for that homemade lip-balm workshop with the kiddies – or just let us take care of it! This theme spells R&R in pink sugar.Awesome Spa Themed Children's Birthday Party - Cayman Islands Kids Birthday Ideas
  6. Superhero Mega BashNananananananana Batman! Finally, something for the little superhero in your life. This is originally two themes but we’ve decided to condense it into one for this post and for the sake of doubling the awesome as our finale. Batman or all of the superheros in one mega powerful bash? You decide. Kryptonite candy and comment bubbles galore. Choose one superhero as your theme or go with them all. The choice is yours! Watch them have the time of their lives as they play the movies, episodes or games and down the themed juices and cupcakes!
    Awesome SuperHero Themed Children's Birthday Party - Cayman Islands Kids Birthday IdeasAwesome Batman Themed Children's Birthday Party - Cayman Islands Kids Birthday Ideas