Will the fish tacos live up to the hype? Will your crazy aunt cause a scene? And what if your dress doesn’t fit like it should? When you’re planning a wedding, there are so many things to worry about!

We all have our insecurities when it comes to the wedding, and a little anxiety is normal. But, if you’re like most brides, you’ll be so excited on your big day that any concerns you previously had will suddenly seem silly. In the meantime, though, we asked real brides to share their biggest wedding insecurities. Can you relate?

“My fiancé’s side of the family is a bit dysfunctional so I’m worried that all the chaos may influence their turnout and support, which would really make my heart hurt for him.” — Alesse

“My biggest insecurity was definitely an empty dance floor! Before the wedding, I was so scared that no one would dance and that people wouldn’t get out there fast enough once the music started. I wanted everyone out there like, right away.” — Katie

“My biggest fear is that not a lot of people will show up, especially all my friends that I invited from out of state. I also worry that since we requested no children that might lower the attendance. I’ve talked to others who’ve done this and they say it’s fine, but it really has me concerned.” — Elita

“I’m afraid that if my fiancé and I choose to have the wedding where we want to that his family won’t attend and it would upset them as much as it would upset us. However if we get married where they want us to, we would be paying for a wedding that we aren’t going to enjoy 100%.” — Katya

“I was really nervous about everyone liking the food because we didn’t do a tasting beforehand. However, on the big day it turned out great and the servers were amazing!” — Chelsea

“Even though I dropped 15 pounds before the wedding, I was still a little insecure about how I would look in the dress and in photos. Also, dealing with my parents and mother-in-law during the planning process was kind of a nightmare so we were stressed about that as well.” — Caryn

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