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Rain Or Shine, Destination Dream Weddings Do Come True!

In light of the recent rain storms in Grand Cayman, we’ve been hard at work executing the most spectacular days, even if the weather isn’t cooperating.

I was recently with a bride and groom en route to freshen up at the hotel after being rained on during their wedding ceremony at the beach, when we bumped into another lovely couple. The couple congratulated the newlyweds, and made us smile with their own story of their  own rainy wedding day. It has been ten years and 3 beautiful children since their rain-filled  wedding day and they still are enjoying wedded bliss! Just goes to show that no one should allow rain to spoil their wedding. Believe in the old wives tale that rain on your wedding is a sign of good luck, long and happy marriage and many children in your future.


Photo Credit: Matt Blum

Here are a few tips to make the most of a rainy wedding:

• Discuss a rain plan with your wedding planner prior to arriving on island

Photo Credit: Aaron Rebarchek

• Work with the venue and accommodations to understand your options

Photo Credit: Aaron Rebarchek

• Integrate elements like umbrellas and rain boots into your photographs

Photo Credit: Matt Blum

• Take advantage of the dramatic skies

Photo credit: Aaron Rebarchek

• Embrace the weather and make memories!

Photo credit: Aaron Rebarchek

Photography by: Aaron Rebarchek and Matt Blum




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