It’s been a thrilling week here in the ‪Cayman Islands‬, between attending ‪Thrive Cayman‬’s leadership workshop with the amazing ‪Chicken Soup For The Soul co-author, ‪‎Jack Canfield at the Ritz-Carlton‬, and our full day of inspiring ‪‎TED Talks‬ at the ‪‎TEDxSMB‬ day-long event yesterday at the Marriott Resort here in Grand Cayman – we are just bursting at the seams with knowledge and glitter confetti grains of positivity!

Among that, we were also one of the proud sponsors of the Rotaract Blue 8th Annual Open Arms Gala this past weekend and helped them bring to life their vibrant carnival theme at Luca Restaurant. Coming up, we’re BEYOND excited to be sponsoring CayFilm‘s events which will take place between June 18-20. We’re also looking forward to our part in a notable documentary filming next week which works towards furthering Cayman’s notoriety abroad.

We aren’t just bragging here, we feel extremely grateful to be a part of a community of professionals on this island who are contributing to a pool of motivation daily and doing everything they can to support their peers in thriving. We’re going to lead you into the long weekend for the Queen’s Birthday with that same energy by sharing quotes from the speakers we’ve seen this week and that will hopefully get your juices flowing and back on Monday in turbo mode to excel!

We hope you enjoy the collages of events below.

Lots of Love,

Xo Celebrations


TEDxSMB: Held @ Marriott Beach Resort – Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

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Rotaract Blue’s 8th Annual Open Arms Gala: Held @ Luca Restaurant in Caribbean Club – Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

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Jack Canfield Leadership Workshop by Thrive Cayman: Held @ The Ritz Carlton – Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands