As promised, on the heels of Valentine’s Day, we announced the winners of our Second Annual Win-A-Wedding contest! We’re thrilled to present the win to local couple Mariana Alves and Joe Jackson! Over 100 entries were received and cut down to a top 8 selected couples whose stories were anonymously voted on by the staff here at our Celebrations Ltd. Headquarters in the Cayman Islands. It was a tight race with a tied vote count between our top 2 couples – one person was left to vote: Celebrations CEO and Creative Director, Jo Anne V. Brown. We wrapped only the finest of silk ties around her eyes and had her vote “pin the tail on the donkey” style – just kidding. With identities of the couples still concealed, Jo Anne placed the deciding vote and behold, our winners.

As per the first time around, the Jo Anne placed the call to the winners in our showroom with our group of Planners and Designers huddled in a corner around her. She dialed away with the call on speakerphone for all staff to hear. The unassuming Bride-To-Be, Mariana, answered to hear to the news of her win. We heard a gasp, we heard a moment of silence and then ladies and gentlement, we heard a squeal of excitement before she asked us to call her back in 2 minutes as she ran into the next room to her fiance Joe so that he could hear the surprising good news as well.

It’s all available for you to see below!

The lucky couple wins the wedding of their dreams produced by Celebrations Ltd., wedding bands valued at $2500 from Island Jewellers and a cake of their design by the Cayman Islands’ acclaimed pastry connoisseurs, The Cake Studio.

We’ve cut an excerpt below from the private winning entry which caught our attention and stuck out from the rest for the fact that it focused on their bond and the journey of their relationship rather than the hardships.


“Joe and I met at work more than three years ago.  He swears it was love at first sight. 

At midnight on January 1, 2017, after three years of dating, having formed a bond making us inseparable and best friends, Joe asked me if I would marry him. We were surrounded by family and friends and lots of love and laughter which perfectly summed up our life together to that date. Surprised and absolutely elated, I said YES.

We know that we are both blessed to be marrying the person we call our best friend. We have grown in the last three years to be a strong team facing everything together and believing that there is nothing we, together, cannot accomplish.

Our appreciation for each other and what we have together comes not only in the big picture moments when we realize how rare it is to find someone in the world who makes you a better person and how lucky we are to have discovered this but also in the small moments daily when we laugh together or push each other to achieve things we would not otherwise be able to do alone.

I am constantly trying to make Joe laugh.  His laugh and sense of humor is absolutely one of my favorite things about him!

I am beyond excited for our wedding and to celebrate with our closest friends and family.  I have been to weddings involving Celebrations and the attention to detail, creativity and professionalism is unmatched. We are entering the contest because we would love to have Celebrations be a part of our day.  You are the best at creating dream-like and breath-taking environments for weddings and that is what we hope to capture for ours.”