Nominations for Administrative Professional of the Year

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Nominations for Administrative Professional of the Year

What started out as just as small idea is now turning into something really BIG! And I’m really excited about it.
As part of our efforts to make more people aware of Administrative Professional’s Week or Secretary’s Week, we came up with an award wherein local companies can nominate anyone within their ranks who they think is doing an outstanding job. When we sent out the email asking people to fill-in the nomination forms, we were quite aprehensive as to how people would react to it.
Lo and behold! After the initial email asking people to nominate either a friend, a colleague or an employee, we’ve received quite a number of nominations from different companies! It is always great for companies to reward and recognize hardwork. Nothing motivates a workforce better than recognition and appreciation.
Here’s a complete list of all the nominees, so far .( this list will be updated whenever a nomination comes in)
1.Brittany Webster of ICG Management
2.Charlotte Wright of Kirk Freeport
3.Charmaine Beezer-Tanis of Global Captive Management
4.Chastine Rankine of Dept. of Immigration
5.Claudia Packer of Solomon Harris
6.Claudine Dixon-Dubrey of Celebrations
7.Dianne Gordon of Trident Trust
8.Elaine Whitefield of Butterfield Bank
9.Elfreda Ebanks of Aon Insurance Managers
10.Florence Manderson of Cayman Islands Dept. of Tourism
11.Jane van der Bol of AutoHaus
12.Karen Williams of Solomon Harris
13.Lavinia Hernandez of Maitland Attorney at Law
14.Lisa Welman of Nelson & Company
15.Michael Amelio of Mike’s Ice
16.Norjehan Marsangca of Kozaily Designs Limited
17.Pamella Small of Westar
18.Roxan Bolt of DMS Broadcasting
19.Shahla Gilman of Chrissie Tomlinson Hospital
20.Stephanie Sommerville of REMAX
21.Susan Bonham of Cayman National Bank
22.Talitha Kitti Conolly of Walker’s
23.Gillian Davidson of Picture This!
24.Wilma McLaughlin of Junior Achievement
25. Sasha Carrig of Digicel Group
26. Carol Caputo of Apex Videos
27. Julie Campbell of Dept. of Environment
28. Suzie Lidstone of Teachus Ltd
29.Annelize Dupreez of Mike’s Ice
30.Monica Singh of UCCI
31.Kim Bullings of CI Government
32.Daphlyn Solomon of Foster’s Group
33.Antoinette Hewitt of Tortuga Rums
34.Ionie Blazevic of Mourant
35.Charlotte Rankine of Hurley’s Group
36.Estella Powery of CI Government
37.Vicky Pitta of Boatswain’s Beach
38.Maria Romero of Courtyard Marriott
39. Alva Mae or Sue Wood of CIMBOCO
40.Debra Barnes-Tabora of National Museum
41.Glenda Duarte
42.Ethel Mclean of Barclay’s
43.Sanalee Colon of CWCO
44. Sandra McKenzie of GCBS
45.May Ursua of St. Ignatius
46.Jacqueline Hennings of CI Government
47.Karen Edie of Edie’s Decor
48.Michelle Ebanks-Barnes of Workplace Environment
49.Rachael Hanson of Furniture Depot
50.Rosita Brown of Reliable Industries
51.Shirley Morse of Cayman Distributors
52.Lorna Reid
53.Roxy Oliver of Celebrations
54.Sandra Marie Pars-Myles of British American Insurance
55. Antonella Masabo of the Ritz Carlton
Congratulations and good luck to everyone on this list! We look forward to meeting all of you at our awards ceremony on Wednesday, April 22, 6pm at the Celebrations Concierge Lounge, Mirco Centre.
For those who have yet to fill in the nomination form, click here.

One thought on “Nominations for Administrative Professional of the Year

  1. Often the person most taken for granted within any workplace is the person doing all the administration, yet they are actually the backbone of any organisation.  She or he usually has a finger on the pulse and keeps track of all the minute details that make a business run smoothly.  And very often their dedication extends outside their workplace into involvement in some way with the community.

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