Last Friday, November 30th  Celebrations had the honour of working with National Gallery of the Cayman Islands for their Annual Fundraiser event.  The beneficiary of this fundraising would be for the education department of the National Gallery. Funds would be allocated to a wide variety of services for adults, families and school children, via  lectures and guided tours to complement exhibitions, short talks, art courses and workshops, holiday activities and continuing professional development courses for primary and secondary school teachers. Part of the fund would also be allocated to programme of talks and workshops across all three islands for people who might not visit the Gallery ordinarily and those who cannot visit independently, such as young offenders, the elderly and people with disabilities

The inspiration for the the event’s theme  was Andy Warhol, a renowned and  leading figure in Pop Art.  Andy Warhol epitomized everything that was cool about the art scene in New York in the 1960s. His favorite medium was silk screen, onto which he would print images of Marilyn Monroe or Campbell’s soup tins. Most of his work remain to be icons to this day.

With him  as an inspiration, we designed a modern take on the hip & fun vibe that Warhol was famous for.  The National Gallery was transformed  into the Warhol Factory with unique industrial elements like mesh, silver wire balls, color block fabric,  and modern furniture.

Guests, dressed in mod “60s  fashion were welcomed by a red carpet entrance. 

Inside the gallery guests were treated to art displays of Warhol’s iconic images.  Amidst the splash of bright colors from the artwork,   white, modern lounge chairs provided comfortable seating.

For the alfresco dinner set-up, bright colored linens provided the right backdrop for centrepieces  inspired by icons of the time – Mohammed Ali, Judy Garland, Liza Minnelli to name a few.

More Warhol-inspired art installation can be seen through the event.

Live DJ’s got everyone grooving to a chic and retro mix of tunes from the 60s and current hits.

What a great hip party  it turned out to be! Congratulations to the National Gallery for another successful event.

To cap it off, we received some really great emails from the wonderful people of the National Gallery!!!

Photography by: Melissa Wolfe