Molly + Patrick : Cayman Islands Destination Wedding Fairy Tale

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Molly + Patrick : Cayman Islands Destination Wedding Fairy Tale

Molly Bergeson and Patrick O’Bryant, an American professional basketball player who used to play for Boston Celtics and Toronto Raptors,  met during their freshmen year at Bradley University in 2004. Soon after, they started dating.  In 2009, Patrick got down on his knee and proposed to Molly while they were inside a jewelry store owned by an acquaintance.

The couple currently lives in Las Vegas and has family and friends from all over.  When they started planning their wedding, they knew the wedding had  to be somewhere where all their family and friends can come together and have a blast. The couple had been to the Cayman Islands 6 times already on holidays and both fell in love with how peaceful and stunning  the Cayman Islands is and how wonderfully warm the people are. So Cayman was a natural choice for their destination wedding.

  From Molly:
        “Our wedding would be the first time, and probably last time, that we would be able have all of our family and friends in the same place at the same time. On top of that, most of them had never even met one another before. Most importantly, we really wanted everyone to have time to meet, mingle, and chat, but we also wanted it to seem like the huge celebration/party that it turned out to be. We knew the money people were spending to come down to Grand Cayman so we wanted it to be the best event that they have been to and one that they would remember for years to come. Mary Ann knew exactly how to achieve that. Her ideas were right on point and when we came down in May to meet with her, I could tell that she had already put a lot of time into planning our wedding. I felt comfortable with her right away. She was completely personable and relatable. She knew how to make our expectations come to life and did it in a way that was so professional. Everyone had a great experience and it was the best party I’ve ever been to!”

When asked what were the most memorable parts of the wedding, Molly candidly answered: “There were so many different parts of the wedding and reception that were so unique and special. The whole event in my eyes was beautiful and wonderful in every aspect of those words, but if I had to pick out a few outstanding moments (because I can’t just pick one) I would have to say the first would be seeing the ceremony site for the first time. The decor, the setting, and the view were outstanding. Nothing could beat looking down the beach to all our guests and the ocean as we were walking down the aisle to meet my new husband. It was breathtaking. The chairs, canopy, tiki torches, ocean, our guests, and the wedding party were absolutely more perfect than I had ever imagined. ”


        “Next, would be when I finally heard the steel drummer playing ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’. The goose bumps popped up on my arms as I knew it was time to become a Mrs. It was all just so perfect that at first it didn’t seem to be real.”
        “The best part of the reception would definitely be everyone dancing all night long and the lounge area. Everyone used the lounge couches! It was such a great idea to have them there for everyone to sit on and still be near the dance floor to be a part of the fun. The draped walls and the colored lighting were so posh! They transformed the entire room into something spectacular and over the top. It was definitely the finishing touch to a beautiful room. Mary Ann went above and beyond making everything standout for us.”
        “Our event was so wonderful because of several ingredients. Our family and friends came so far to share in these memories with us. We are forever grateful to them for making this the most outstanding wedding that we could have ever imagined. We felt more than loved these past two weeks with everyone. Celebrations and Mary Ann transformed Seven Mile Beach into a beach from a fairy tale. I felt like a true princess on our wedding day due to the beauty of our event, the help that we were provided, and all the attention we were given. It was breathtaking. I loved the ease of the day as well. Mary Ann had everything taken care of before I even wondered about them. All I had to do was sit back and count the hours, minutes, and then, finally, seconds until I was Mrs. O’Bryant. Thank you all so much for everything!


To Patrick and Molly: Congratulations and we all wish you a lifetime of love and happiness ….from all of us at Celebrations!!!!

     Photography by: Spectrum Media

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