Love lock wall installed in Camana Bay

Touted as the first of its kind in the Caribbean, a love lock wall has been installed on The Paseo in Camana Bay, just outside the Celebrations store.

Similar installations are found in cities around the world, where locks with a loved one’s name or initials inscribed are attached to walls, gates, fences, bridges and other structures. The key is thrown away as a symbol of “unbreakable love,” according to online descriptions.

In this case, the love will be shared, as part of the proceeds from the locks – available at Celebrations – will go to the Cayman Islands Heart Foundation. People are also welcome to bring their own locks and make a donation at the same time. The keys are to be put into a designated and decorated recycling bin nearby, organizers said.

The love lock wall was officially installed Friday afternoon by David Dinner, chairman of the Heart Foundation, and Chair Emeritus Suzy Soto, along with JoAnne Brown, CEO and creative director of Celebrations, who placed the first locks.

Ms. Brown said the wall has been specially designed so that it can be added to in concertina style as needed.

“The hope is for the love lock wall to grow into something bigger than us – to be the symbol of love in the Cayman Islands that locals and visitors can leave their marks on and revisit in the years to come,” she said in a press release. “This is the start of something amazing.” 

She encourages people to personalize their locks with text, color, ribbons and other creative additions to enhance what she hopes will become a larger public art installation.

The love lock wall until be at Camana Bay until Feb. 15. Organizers are then seeking to find a permanent home for it.

For more information on donations, contact Sue Rajah on 916-6324 or email [email protected]