The weather is one thing that many couples worry about when planning their Cayman Islands wedding. Nobody wants to battle with bad weather at their celebration. If you have an outdoor wedding, the skies become even more critical. However, there is not much that we can do about the weather as humans.

If you asked us, we’d say, just leave the weather to itself but it’s much better to protect yourself and your precious guests against any eventualities. How can you do that? You’re in luck because listed below are a few ways to make your special day remain dry and memorable. Grab a cup of coffee, settle down and let’s talk about how to handle the weather on your wedding day.

  • Have a Plan B

This is the first and most apparent protection against bad weather on your wedding day. No couple should book an outdoor wedding venue without a Plan B. You also need to have backup arrangements and changes ready to work alongside that plan.

For example, if you get a tent for rain, you should also have a seating arrangement made for if you have to use it. So, if the weather starts acting up, you can still be safe and celebrate with your loved ones.

Match Your Wedding Fashion


From shawls to rainboots and hats, your wedding fashion can come in handy on a bad weather day too. We’ve seen bridesmaids with coordinated rain boots that looked amazing in the wedding pictures. You can also coordinate with fans and even coats. The key is for you to make lemonade out of lemons.


Strategically Use Your Refreshments and Wedding Food

Drinks like hot chocolate and tea are great for a wedding on a cold rainy day but may become a bit more uncomfortable on tropical island…. even with the rain! Here in the Cayman Islands, cold cocktails, ice tea, and even ice cream for dessert work beautifully for any outdoor event. You can also pattern your wedding day menu to accommodate the weather on your wedding day. Many Caribbean wedding menus will do justice to a rainy and cool wedding day.


Work with Your Wedding Favors

Keeping your guests comfortable and safe from the elements on your wedding day is also essencial. Many couples have been known to equip guests with a comfort station at their wedding. There you can find things like sunscreen, bug spray, fans, blankets, or umbrellas, depending on the weather. These items don’t have to be plain and boring- Create a custom fan with your program and menu to distribute to each guest or reusable water bottles with your Wedding date and names. Water stations for a hot summer wedding are especially popular at Caribbean weddings.


Confirm with Your Vendors


After confirming the possibility of the weather disrupting your ceremony, you should talk to your vendors. They should have the experience and knowledge needed to handle unexpected weather at a wedding. Ensure there are good weather policies and backup plans in place when dealing with every vendor and that they are carefully reviewed with your wedding coordinator before your big day to avoid any hiccups.



Be Flexible

A wedding disrupted by the weather will definitely not remain on the same time schedule. So, make sure you have this in mind and make allowances for it. Be ready to pause, make a transition, and then pick up from where you left off if necessary. Flow with whatever happens and make the best out of it. For example, you can even add some impromptu rainy-day shots if it suddenly happens during your wedding day photo session.

Controlling the weather on your wedding day might not be possible, but you can still have a beautiful celebration. The key is to make the things within your control work for you, no matter the weather. The tips and tricks above, along with the right wedding spirit, will ensure that you have a wonderful time. Best of luck!!!

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