KK Alese, Cayman’s Own Rising Diva, Releases Her Solo Album, “Unexpected”

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KK Alese, Cayman’s Own Rising Diva, Releases Her Solo Album, “Unexpected”

Cayman Islands is indeed home to some of the world’s finest talents. In fact, there is a bounty of musical talents right here in Cayman from Reggae artists to pop rock and indie groups, you name it we’ve got it!!
I am so delighted to say that one of the most recent musical stars to rise from Cayman is a wonderful young lady who indeed grew up as our neighbor and great family friend. I am referring to the incredibly talented Karen Edie who performs and records under the name KK Alese.
KK, who made her solo debut at the 2005 Cayman Jazz Festival has since performed internationally, opening for critically-acclaimed artists such as Brian McKnight, Natalie Cole, Maxi Priest & Morgan Heritage to name a few. It is not before time that she has released her long anticipated solo album featuring well known artists such as Bounty Killa and Beenie Man. Her album entitled “Unexpected” is a delightful fusion of Reggae, Soul, R&B & Hip Hop, appealing to all ages. I highly recommend this to everyone so get yourself a copy sit back, relax and enjoy you won’t be disappointed!!! Pick up your copy at Celebrations!!!!
Karen Edie

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