This week we sat down with this adorable couple, to discuss their love, their journey, and their Celebrations wedding. Enjoy!

Julies and Ron met almost 5 years ago on! There were no more dates with anyone else after that!! Neither Ron nor Julie ever thought they would get married again but..after building a beautiful house together and getting 2 puppies together they decided to get married. Ron proposed to Julie on January 4th, 2017 at a beautiful dinner in front of Julie’s parents and 2 grown kids. At that proposal dinner we all joked how great it would be if we celebrated Julie’s parents 60th Wedding Anniversary at the same time September 1st. Well…after a lot of discussion Ron made it all happen.


Tell us about your experience in Cayman…

Ron contacted the condos we love to stay in called Sunset Cove and they suggested calling Celebrations. We did and Cassie South was amazing from that first initial phone call. Despite lots of decisions we had to make as far as venue, food, etc., etc. it all worked out perfect!!
What made you decide on Cayman Islands for your destination wedding?

It is our favorite place!

What inspired the style and design of your wedding, flowers, dress, etc…

I always knew if I EVER got married again it would have to barefoot on the beach. I love the boho look of driftwood, wild flowers and being barefoot so I knew that is what I wanted.
What was your biggest worry about having a destination wedding?

Having it rain during the wedding.



What were the top 3 most important factors to you to ensure a memorable wedding?

Scenery, decor and good food