The Special Event Show 2013 was special indeed. Not only was it my first time leading a session, within which I got to speak about the subject nearest and dearest to my heart (destination events), but it was also a chance to catch up with great friends and be inspired by the hottest new trends in event planning.

I will be sharing the highlights of my presentation with you soon, focusing on “Destination Events and Weddings of the Future: What is the New Niche?”

Here are My Favourite Things: TSE 2013 Edition

Prints fit for a Prince

From linens to drapery, accessories, flooring and even ceilings, prints ruled The Special Event Show.  Graphic chevrons in a multitude of tones ranging from black and whites to orange, turquoise and hot pink were endless. Paisleys are back, this time in playful, bright colors like purple and aqua and link patterns gave a funky, yet polished vibe.

Tantalized by Texture

For the planner or client who loves a tactile experience, heaven waited at The Special Event Show. Glossy pallets shimmered like petals on table linens. Lush rosettes in rich jewel tones are huge right now, appearing on fabric, centerpiece designs – even on the model’s wedding gowns! They give a lush, garden-inspired vibe, especially when used in glorious bunches, as if freshly picked!


Let there be Light

As usual, TSE was a place for leading edge innovation. Wireless LED technology was everywhere from lighting to dance floors. My particular favorite was a wireless LED can light that could dip-dye a room in custom colours up to 50 feet in the air, available in compact designs with dial-up tone control and a neat, tidy control board even I could use!


Au Naturale

Even alongside a sea of aqua, chevron stripes and sequins, raw materials stood out. Wood cut in chic, modern shapes for table tops. Casual burlap-wrapped containers for tall arrangements full of lush white flowers. Bright green astro turf covered seating benches and walls to give an indoor/outdoor vibe and glammed up with lush orchids, standing tall in streamlined glass vases.


The Smell of Success

With fresh floral abound, there is always an explosion of the senses. However, this year, designers staged aromatic experiences, drenching their gallery rooms and spaces in delectable scent. Kehoe Designs transformed a gallery unit into a sensual boudoir, creating a French Noir-inspired reception with soft light, dark furnishings, crème drapery, leather fixtures and lots and lots of creamy, vanilla scented pillar candles. Heavenly!



D.I.Y. = Daring, Innovative, Youthful!

The DIY trend proved it is here to stay. From custom-mixing your own candles to brew-your-own-beer party kits, everything imaginable was made available in chic little boxes, perfect for parties, gifts and special events. My favorite was Dress My Cupcake, a darling set filled with fun tins, paper cups, and chic adornments for the lucky little dessert!



Aviary, animals and wild butterflies

Short of walking into Dr. Doolittle’s office, you would be hard pressed to find a place with more wildlife influences than this year’s Special Event Show. From birdcages hand painted in tones of yellow and hot pink, to white ceramic elephants and doves to animal print everywhere (even on flatware), this new approach does not take itself too seriously.

Stay tuned for my next installment of the The Special Events Show 2013 blog series.