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Jimmy & Johari Rollins Wedding – Unveiled in the Knot!

We’ve just received some great news that we’re extremely proud of!!!!

The latest edition of the Knot ( Summer 2011 ) is featuring a wedding that we did last year for the baseball superstar Jimmy Rollins to Johari. (read more about the wedding here and and a feature in US Weekly here)

Reading the write-up and seeing the gorgeous wedding photos have taken us down to memory lane. We can’t believe it has been months since we first met Jimmy and Johari. It was truly a gorgeous wedding and we couldn’t be more grateful for being given the wonderful opportunity to make this dream wedding come true!

Here’s the cover of the magazine. Don’t forget to get your copy!
The dashing Jimmy Rollins and his blushing bride Johari.
The Knot’s recommendations to get the look of Jimmy & Johari’s wedding.

Since we’re already reminiscing, here are some more photos taken by the super-brilliant Rebecca Davidson, the official wedding photographer.


David Wolfe, a talented wedding photographer took photos also of the decor shots!  Check them out!



Again, THANK YOU so much the Knot for this wonderful feature! And, of course, to Jimmy & Johari for choosing Cayman and Celebrations to make your “Exotic Glam” destination wedding.

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