Well, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve officially entered September. In most places around the world, this marks the start of orange leaves falling off of trees and forming large piles for kids to jump into and mess right up again. On island, this marks a change in weather from sunny to slightly sunnier – but who are we to complain? We’re quite happy on this little rock we call Paradise.

However, if your hearts are warming up with the thoughts of Pumpkin Pie and you’re feeling like you want your home to smell a little more like caramel or cinnamon, we know those feelings and we’re here to help turn your cove into a warm, candlelit autumn interior with Cayman’s classic enviable palm tree exterior.

Let’s get started.

What you will need:

1) Imagination.
2) Deliciously scented candles.
3) Comfy PJs.
4) If you really want to get ahead of yourself, Eggnog.

In all seriousness, check out some of the gorgeous Autumn inspired pieces below, perfect inspiration for the hostess always seeking new ways to entertain!




1) Use cinnamon to frame a candle with the same or complimentary scent. Use twine to keep it together for that extra rustic touch.


2) Use an Oasis square for your flowers and cover all around with carrots. Voila! A beautiful Vegetable arrangement. Insert some vibrant veggies into the actual arrangement – like brussell sprouts – along with filler for that extra decorative edge. Insert into a large round vase for centerpiece.





3) Use large luscious vegetation as a base for candles or to frame the candles. For example, beans, artichoke, asparagus, as below.





4) Decorate the exterior of a beautiful lantern with festive colored floral  and ribbon…


5) Who doesn’t feel happy at an apple orchard? Bring that feeling home with a crate of delicious apples!





6) Decorative Mason Jars of hay and fillers like Baby’s Breath are the epitome of “pretty” meets “festive”.





I challenge you to find someone who doesn’t love large, luscious stems of Hydrangea. Insert into a silver vase or paint a container with silver looking-glass spray paint for the mirror effect. Set in a tray with painted matching miniature pumpkins and welcome festivity in the form of glamour into your home.




And now, the showstopper for the dinner table… carve out the interior of a Pumpkin, insert vase, insert floral, and you’re done!