Travel has experienced many changes since 2019 due to the pandemic. As a destination management and wedding planning brand in the Cayman Islands, we’ve had to adapt and work with the ‘new normal.’ We also completely understand how difficult it has been for the couples and families who have been planning their events only for everything to come to a halt.  We are here to assist and navigate through these difficult times and bring you to Cayman soon!

If you’ve traveled by flight recently, you’ll notice some modifications as you make your way through the airport. You might need some help to navigate in this new world, and we’re here to offer that. Here are twelve tips to help you make your journey stress-free and more enjoyable.

Wash Your Hands

Safety is paramount at this time. So, ensure you are diligent with washing your hands often; if you know you’ll be in a bit of a rush, carry along sanitizers and use wipes. Please note that coming with a sanitizer might mean you’ll be screened separately if it exceeds three ounces. This might add some time to your checkpoint screening time, so please make allowances for that by arriving earlier. Instead, consider investing in a travel size sanitizer that can easily clip to your belt, bag, or purse.

Wear A Safety Mask

You may be asked to adjust your mask to confirm your identity visually, but otherwise, you should always remain with your mask over your mouth and nose. Masks will help stem the spread of this virus and currently provide others with a sense of comfort for their health. Please note that if you do not wear one and require a pat-down for any reason, you will be offered a mask prior.

Maintain Social Distancing

We’re not out of the woods quite yet with this pandemic. So social distancing at airports is still critical. Try to practice maintaining a distance from the stranger in front or beside you throughout your screening process.  Consider social distancing while in the presence of airport staff or going through security checkpoints; airport employees are trying their best to keep everyone safe while you’re making your way to your destination.

If you forget, not to worry! You’ll find many signs around the airport reminding you to practice social distancing.

Put Your Pocket Items in Your Carry On

Usually, you are required to take items out of your pocket while going through the scanner. Rather than put this in a bin as usual, how about using your carry-on?

That way, you’ve reduced the number of irregular surfaces your items come in contact with. During this pandemic, you can never be too sure of what was ahead of you, so this is great for your safety.  Adding your items to your carry-on will also decrease the amount of time you will be stuck going through the security checkpoints.

Make Use of Clear Plastic Bags

Food items tend to trigger alarms when going through the scanner at the airport. For that reason, many people often take them out and use the bins available. If you intend to do this, consider making use of a clear plastic bag. You can ensure a successful holiday by reducing the chance of cross-contamination and accessibility to germs to your items.

Make Use of Clear Plastic Bags

If you haven’t been able to go in and have your driver’s license renewed yet, you can still travel. An outdated license could be accepted as valid identification for up to one year after it’s expired. You can do the same for other forms of identification too. You might, however, need to carry along an extra means of identifying yourself or get some extra screening time as a result. With limited access to renew your identification in person, many businesses have included the option to renew online with a few easy steps.

Avoid Carrying Prohibited Items

The more you can avoid triggering an alarm at the airport, the better for everyone. This will reduce a lot of contact time from your check-in. So, pack smart for your trips and make sure you don’t have any prohibited items with you.  If you have some sneaky travelers with you – once your bag has been packed and you’re ready to go to the airport, consider completely emptying the bag and repacking… you might find a tube of toothpaste has mysteriously appeared.

Use PreCheck Where Possible

Depending on which airport you use, PreCheck can save you a lot of time and stress. Where and when you’re eligible, please make use of it. Some perks include not having to remove your belts, shoes, or light jackets. You might also be able to leave your electronics and food items in your carry-on. This will reduce a lot of contact at checkpoints.

Prepare Before You Arrive

Check online for answers to any questions you might have regarding the airport you are traveling through, especially if it’s your first time or if you haven’t been in the past few years. Being knowledgeable about arrival and departure locations, what you can or can’t bring, and the recommended arrival time before your departure will save you time and even money. In addition, there are many helpful tips to help you navigate the airport you are traveling through. All you have to do is look.

Things Are Cleaner

There’s a lot of disinfecting and cleaning going on after each passenger throughout the airport nowadays. Most airports have this in place because of the pandemic and to keep passengers and staff safe. However, if you are still worried, then use the clear plastic bags we mentioned earlier. You can use them to line the bottom of the bin and put your belongings on top at the checkpoint and store your carry-on when storing it for flight.

Scan Your Pass Where Possible

Many airports are doing their best to reduce contact with customers for safety. So, it may be possible to scan your own passport or identification, whether paper or electronic. After doing that, you can then present it for visual inspection without any contact. Remember you may be asked to remove your mask for facial verification; please remember to place it back once confirmed.

Stay Safe

Check for coronavirus guidelines where available. It would help if you also looked out for local as well as international guidelines. If you feel you’ve been exposed to the virus and might have it, please postpone your trip and get tested immediately. Many airlines have removed rebooking fees meaning that you can travel later with no extra costs. We’ll be more than glad to see you when you’re better. Best of luck!


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