The ultimate way to ensure your wedding doesn’t just merge into every other event your guests have ever attended is to create a unique day that is wholly personal to you.

It doesn’t have to be flamboyantly expensive or out-there quirky, it just needs to be true to you. From the overall design concept to the first dance, think about how you can create a day that is tailored to your story.





 People may not remember the incidental pretty (although you will do, so fill your boots!) but they will remember the little touches that impacted them.

When thinking about the details and décor for your day, think about the experience from your guests’ perspective. Yes, this is your day and you should create the day you want. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also celebrate the love you have for your friends and family as well.

Have visions of your speeches being outside against the backdrop of the setting sun? Stunning, but why not hand out some cosy blankets to ensure people stay comfortable whilst being entertained? Forget generic favours and think about how you can personalise small gifts so that they become heartfelt, relevant and something people will not just keep, but treasure.

These are the details and touches that people will appreciate and really remember.



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Your wedding is all consuming during the final planning stages but for your guests, it’s probably still a distant event that they have a vague nagging sense of needing to buy a new outfit for. It’s important to be realistic about how big a day your wedding will be for everyone else but you can also take steps to build up excitement and engagement for your day.

For example, be creative with your wedding invitations. Laser cutting, wooden stationery, fridge magnet save the dates, anything a little unexpected will grab people’s attention and make them sit up and take notice.

A wedding website can also be a great way to involve your guests; you don’t want to give away all your secrets before the day but little ideas like asking guests to contribute a song for the reception playlist is a simple yet effective way to ensure people feel involved and build a sense of anticipation.




Make sure your wedding is remembered for the right reasons!

Take time when selecting your suppliers; do your research, seek out recommendations and wherever possible try and meet with suppliers before booking. For those suppliers who will be present on the day especially, personal rapport is just as important as capability so make sure you are hiring people whose work you admire and who you are comfortable around.

Then step back and trust that these experts will deliver exactly what they’re supposed to, when they’re supposed to. Your guests will take their cue from you on the day – a relaxed and happy bride will always make for an enjoyable day.




Treat your wedding day as an experience and think about all stages, including how you can finish your day off with a final flourish for your guests. It doesn’t have to be big and showy, it could be as simple as a beautifully presented midnight snack and a night cap handed out at the end of the night. Or if all your guests are staying locally or at the same venue, then you could organise a relaxed brunch for the morning after before packing your guests off with a little goodie bag for their journey home: a hangover kit perhaps?