Ahh, the honeymoon! It’s the one classic trip that could easily see some upgrades come your way, but before hotels, airlines, and restaurants can offer up some congratulatory perks, they’ve gotta know, right? The golden rule is to be polite and offer up the intel as more of a blushing FYI than anything approaching a demand. Being rude isn’t becoming on anyone, married or not.

For Airlines

Consider calling in the few days leading up to your flight to mention that you’re traveling for your honeymoon and to inquire as to whether any upgrades are available (the monetary increase that comes with a first-class ticket can be significant, so before you call, chat with your new hubby to see if it’s worth it for you to shell out the extra, potentially pricey even if you’re offered a special rate). You can also inquire with the gate agent when you arrive.

“We don’t have a formal process, but we’re always delighted to hear of a special occasion,” a British Airways representative said. “On the day of travel, a couple should feel free to mention it, and if there’s an opportunity to make the journey even more memorable, we’ll certainly do our best.” Read: A luxury ticket might be a stretch, but sharing your happy news with the flight crew certainly won’t hurt (free bottle of plane wine, anyone?).

For Hotels

You’re most likely to score an upgraded room if you give some advance notice since room-shifting can be tricky if your key cards are already ready. “When a couple informs us they’re on their honeymoon, we try our best to make it special for them. We like to be prepared to offer them a bespoke experience,” a welcome desk staffer from New York City’s W Hotels shared. “We conduct pre-stay outreach to ask if people are staying with us for a special occasion, and that’s the ideal time to inform us. Otherwise, mention when booking.”

For Restaurants

If you’re making reservations, consider that the time to speak up. Restaurants will often ask if you’re coming in to celebrate, and this definitely counts as a celebration. If you’re booking through an online portal, use any section for notes to drop a cheerful, “We’ll be coming in as part of our honeymoon!” For nights when you pop into some place on the fly, mention to the host that you’re honeymooning.

For Everything Else

If it’s something you’re arranging in advance, feel free to mention. If not, you’ll find it’s easy enough to breezily tell the person checking you in or greeting you. Sample script: “We’re actually here on our honeymoon and have been having the most amazing time!”

Do I tip?

As with all gratuity guidelines, it’s not necessary, but the hotel and restaurant staffers we talked to said it’s appreciated. Stay within your budget, always, and let your gut lead you. If someone goes out of their way to create a special memory, it might be worth giving them something extra. But comped glasses of champagne? Don’t sweat it.

The other wise takeaway we heard? If you’re not on your honeymoon, forget pretending. “Don’t lie!” was the number one (and only) no-no our hotel source shared. A romantic weekend away with your love might seem like the same thing, but it’s not. Wait to ask until it’s the real deal.


Reblogged – Article by Leah Melby, Glamour Magazine