Here are some design inspiration  for 2013 as forecasted by IFD, a consortium of floral distributors based in the US.

1. Personality Palette – Showcase your inner playful self with these bright, happy and  eccentric mixture of flowers, colours and textures. Warm hues from tangerine to turquoise and some neutral or earthy taupe are used  to support the bold colours. It is a reflection of ones personal taste as inspired by  old world fairs and carnivals. Containers can be mixed and matched with bright hues. Recommended linens are a whimsical mixture of texture and prints.

2. Enchanted – inspired by whimsical fairy tales and the gorgeous hues of a peacock’s plumes. Jewel tones like royal violet, teal, plum and sapphire are the main colours.  This design encourages the use of  intensely colored glass containers, exotic mosaics, and chromatic metallic vases as vessels. Accents may include mercury glass votives, sparkling creatures, and peacock feathers.


3. Heirloom – antique chic, vintage, timeless classic. Muted tones of pinks, peach, sage, moss and with some charcoal grey. Nostalgic embellishments, cameos, brooches are added for special touches. Vessels used  reflect the past and present, like hobnail, vintage colored glasses and silver vases.


4. Eco-chic – modern contemporary and organic materials. This trend is in line with the current trend of going green and organic. This palette is composed of hues in stark contrast from dark to bright to muted. Classic white, black and platinum with apple green. Containers recommended are glass vases, ceramics, contemporary vessels, apothecary jars.


Judging from these 4 gorgeous trends, 2013 would be a great year to explore your creativity!!!