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Engage!11- Interactive Presentations & Discussions

Check out how my Celebrations Team and I incorporated the color green to the stage backdrop, the floral arrangements and the linens!

Day 2 of Engage!11. Ritz Carlton, Grand Cayman. I swear I felt a palpable electric charge among the 250 guests all seated and eager for another day full of bright new ideas and inspiration. Today was going to be an all-morning session of some of the wedding industry’s big-wigs.

The fabulous Rebecca Ginnals, of Engaging Concepts, kick started the day with some fun facts and insider info about the wedding industry. She also announced that Canadian wedding magazine, Wedluxe,  is now heading south to the US.

Carley Roney,  the Founder & Editor TheKnot.com,  shared that the luxury wedding market in China is on the rise. She proved this by showing some astounding statistics!

Byan Rafanelli, the CEO and creative genius behind Rafanelli Events, shared some very powerful insights.

“The truer you are to yourself, the more your gut feeling will kick in”.

“Total secret sauce – use your brain, heart and gut. Trust yourself.”

“Gut reaction happens within 2-4 seconds. Learn to lesson to it.”

Jasmine Star, an international wedding photographer, had the room enthralled with her electric energy. Her insights were very real and right on the mark.  To quote a few:

“I am not everyone’s cup of tea. You like me or you don’t. I don’t care.”

“Focus on who you are, not what you aspire to be.”

“I would rather see you fail at something you love than succeed at something you hate.”

Check out the scrumptious array of nibbles prepared by the Ritz Carlton for our coffee break!

Todd Fiscus, the owner and creative director of Todd Events, followed suit and showed some beyond amazing events he has worked on! He also  spoke about the business behind creativity.

“You don’t get paid what you want unless you ask for it.”

“Give me the authority and responsibility.”

Up next were the brilliant  celebrity wedding photographers Andy & Brian Marcus,President and Vice-president of FredMarcus.com.

Marcy Blum, celebrity Eventiste, spoke on a very sensitive issue and that is respect between peers in the wedding industry and shared a few trade secrets.

“Respect each other. Do not trash others”

“Walk the party like a guest before it starts to see their experience & make it better.”

Barbara Corcorcan, Real Estate mogul, Business Expert, Investor & Star of ABC’s “Shark Tank”, followed suit. Her wit and straight talking was such a joy to listen to!  She shared so much insights into making a business a total success.

“Perception creates reality.”

“Expand before your ready.”

“Recognition works better than money.”

“Fun is good for business.”

“Bad times are the best times to move ahead.”

Here’s a photo of me and Barbara. I was star-struck!

More photos!

Photography by: David Wolfe , Donna Von Bruening, and Rebecca Davidson

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