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Engage!11 Cayman – Welcome Reception

What’s the best way to cap off an most amazing and most awesome Engage!11 first day? ( I know, I admit to using superlatives profusely when excited!)

What else but a cool party at the Ritz Carlton’s beach with Celebrations’ custom cabanas, fresh floral arrangements, ambient lighting and 250 wedding professionals ready to kick back and relax!


Again, as part of the whole branding of the day, the refreshing color palette of bright lime greens gave an extra ooomph to the subdued earth tones of brown.

Check out how we’ve transformed Ritz Carlton’s beach into a trendy club/lounge with our custom cabanas!

Photo by Aaron Rebarchek

A close up of the decor in one of the cabanas.

Lanterns provided ambient lighting.

Photography by Aaron RebarchekPhotography by: Aaron Rebarchek

Custom pillows showcasing the color palette of the day and Engage!11’s brand.

Photography by Aaron Rebarchek

A close up of one of the fresh floral arrangements we have created for this event! Lime greens and browns …..what a fab color combination!

Photography by: Aaron Rebarchek

Even the scrumptious gourmet food provided by the Ritz Carlton was in the gorgeous color palette assigned for this particular day!

For this party, there’s no need for shoes. Barefoot is the way to go!

Entertainment was provided for by Swanky Kitchen Band.

Cayman’s photography power couples in one photo!!!! David & Melissa Wolfe with Gary & Rebecca Davidson!

Cayman Islands Director of Tourism, Shomari Scott together with Celebrations Team’s very own, Nadia, Keisha, Maryann.

Here’s an amazing video montage of Engage!11’s first day by the wonderful Elysium Productions!

The warm ocean breeze, the rhythmic lapping of the waves, sand between your toes, a few cocktails, music, scrumptious food, an amazing group of people, even the moon and the stars came out to play….What a night it definitely was!!!!

Photos courtesy of David Wolfe and Aaron Rebarchek.

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