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Engage!11 Cayman – Opening Inspiration Sessions



The stage is set for the Engage!11’s opening session.  My Celebrations team and I created the whole stage back drop using the Engage!11 brand as inspiration, with rustic yet elegant elements. Lime green brought a refreshing pop of color to the naturally subdued earth tones.

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First to speak was Shomari Scott, Cayman Islands’ Director of Tourism, to give the opening remarks. He spoke on how Cayman is so blessed to host for the third time this most illustrious event convening wedding experts from all over the world in our very own shores. Furthermore, he asserted that Cayman is ready to take it up a notch in making it the top destination for weddings, not only for its natural beauty but also with its strong commitment to providing the best experience to all who choose it as their destination wedding. After all, Cayman is not only a place to see, but it is a place to be!


Simon T. Bailey, author of “Release Your Brilliance” and an internationally-renowned speaker and mentor, spoke on shifting perspectives and using proactive approach to improve performance and accelerate results.


Simon: “You will open up a series of new doors if you push yourself to see and do things differently” So true. My 18 years of wedding planning has not been without trials and tribulations, however, with sheer will and determination to forge on and provide the best experience to all our wedding clients, me and my company, Celebrations, has jumped through hurdles and soared to new heights. The future may be uncertain, the market ever-changing but one thing that remains constant is that no obstacle will stop us from realizing our true potential as wedding planning and design company. Like what I’ve always said to my team, let’s just not play the game, let’s be the game changers. Golden opportunities abound, if only we open our eyes to see them with a different mindset.

A few more pearls of wisdom that Simon imparted with the captivated crowd:

“Do you have the ability to see what everyone else can’t see? Time to take it to another level.”

“Rejection doesn’t mean NO, it means NOT NOW the timing wasn’t meant to be.don’t be discouraged just try again later”

“Eliminate negativity from your life and business so you can operate to your maximum potential.”

Donna Von Bruening took the stage next and read a very personal blog story  that she wrote back in September 5, 2011. Her story was so real and tugged at everyone’s heartstrings. Thank you Donna for sharing your story! It was a wonderful reminder that no matter how busy we all our with our professional lives, we need to take time and make sure that we let all the people we love feel loved and appreciated.


Darcy Miller editorial director of Martha Stewart Weddings and also an author, illustrator and weddings and celebrations expert, took the stage next and presented a slide of gorgeous weddings.  While Darcy had us in stitches with her humor, still, she was able to drive through Martha Stewart’s 10 tips for a successful business.


Here’s a couple of those tips that Darcy shared:

“Focus on the positive, stay in control and never panic!”

“Strive to surprise, delight and inspire!”
“We innovate and invent, we don’t copy and repeat”

Amen to all these!

Kathryn Arce, the Managing Director and the other half of the fantabulous duo of Engaging Concepts, went up next and thanked a few people. Outside the ballroom is a huge flat screen TV showing tweets as they come in.


Randy Fenoli, Kleinfeld’s Fashion Director and the star of TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress” followed suit. Can I say it right here and now that I love RANDY FENOLI? YES, I DO! He was witty and had the entire 250+ guests captivated with his funny  and very real sound bites.

“Paint the picture & take brides there, we forget they don’t do this every day.”

“Let the monsters see you smile”


As if his funny and inspiring talk was not enough, Randy further surprised us all by announcing the release of his new book and took it up a notch farther by giving us all a signed copy each! YEY!!!


Here’s me with the fabulous Randy Fenoli.


What an absolutely amazing way to start Engage!11 Cayman! So inspiring!

Up next, the welcome party!

Photos courtesy of David Wolfe and Rebecca Davidson.

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