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To give the Engage!11 attendees a break from a full morning of “wedding talk”, they had the whole afternoon off to get to know my island better. What better way to really and truly know what makes the Cayman Islands a top destination not only for weddings but for anyone who’s on the look-out for an unforgettable holiday but by taking them on a catamaran cruise to the infamous Stingray City and the charmingly laid-back Rum Point!

Unfortunately, I could not make the trip as I had a business to run, but these fab photos surely made me feel great seeing how everyone enjoyed the trip!

My hat’s off again to the wonderful duo, Rebecca and Kathryn, of Engaging Concepts, for making sure that everything is branded from the signages, to the packed lunch, to towels, caps and pillows!

Thanks to Red Sail for providing the catamarans! I’ve heard rave reviews about how great your staff was!

Check out Randy Fenoli’s photo with a stingray! He now prides himself as the “stingray tamer”. He is such a hoot!

The group as the catamaran docked at Rum Point.

The welcome arch that we designed greeted the guests as they got to Rum Point.

Randy Fenoli with Melissa Wolfe of Better Angle Photography and Celebrations’ very own, Ashley Vodarek.The fabulous Rebecca Davidson of Engaging Concepts in a souvenir snapshot with lovable parents.

On the sail home.

Such a gorgeous sunset …. What a perfect way to cap off a perfect afternoon out on the catamaran!

Photos courtesy of Aaron Rebarchek and David Wolfe.

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