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Engage!10 – Wedding Luxury Summit in The Cayman Islands – Day 1

Engage!10 the JVB perspective.Can I say I was a nervous wreck?Yes, I was, especially after finding out that Engage! was returning to our shores. Cayman Islands was lucky enough to be the venue for Engage!09 and now twice lucky to be the host nation again for Engage!10.

Engage! is the world’s top luxury wedding conference spearheaded by the uber fabulous ladies of Engaging Concepts, Rebecca Grinnals & Kathryn Arce — the most unbelievable team I know. The harmony and synergy they have together is indescribable. And they are also very trusting! This year they seemed to trust me more than ever. Our telephone calls were a lot less, and even when on island, they never saw any of the detail renderings for any of the events, only verbal overviews were given! But one thing was for sure, we need to top what was done from Engage!09 design-wise.

Here’s the objective that my Celebrations team and I have to meet for Engage!10 and its illustrious attendees.
1. to design all of the Engage!10 events from day one to end
2. to design each and every event  that would surpass last year’s — impressive enough to wow all the Engage!10 attendees who are among the world’s top wedding professionals!

So you can see where my fears stemmed from. However, with the reassuring trust that Rebecca Grinnals has given me and my team, I knew anything was possible.

Here’s the amazing Rebecca Grinnals and myself with Celebrations’ wedding planners, Juliette Heath and Amanda Wilson prior to registration.

Day 1

With butterflies in my stomach, Engage!10 started with a splash of color! Gorgeous  Nüage Design linens brought bright colours on the Cayman Welcome Lounge at the Ritz Carlton — all in keeping with Engage!10 color palette of lemon yellow and blue.

We’ve complimented the linens with simple yet stylish floral arrangements like the one seen below:

Upon registering, all attendees were given this chic attendees’ book made by Trisha Hay.  Love, love the patterns!

The  fabulous swag bags were filled with oooh so gorgeous treats!!!

At the registration area, upon seeing so many familiar faces from attendees/speakers from last year, I felt so warm and invigorated. One notable return speaker is the fashion director of Kleinfeld’s and the host of the smash hit TV show, “Say Yes to the Dress”…the extremely fashionable, Randy Fenoli.  Here’s a photo of the über talented, Randy with myself and Celebration’s wedding planners, Amanda Wilson, Mary Ann Mehigan, Juliette Heath and Danika Bell.

Another notable return Engage! speaker is the brilliant Simon T. Bailey. He is such an inspiration!

Rebecca and I arranged the first sessions with casual lounge settings. Check out the fab swag bags again!

Here’s a close up shot of one of the centerpieces that were used during the first session.

Harmony Walton of the well-renowned wedding resource website Bridal Bar, Ali Phillips one of Chicago’s Top Wedding Planners, media maven  Liene Stevens  of Think Splendid and  world-class photographer , Donna Von Bruening, kicked off Engage!10 Day 1 sessions with insights on how to get the most out of attending wedding conferences such as Engage!

Next to speak was Darcy Miller, the  Senior VP and Editorial Director of Martha Stewart Weddings  She is so inspiring and overflowing with wit and knowledge.

Up next, the Welcome Party!!!

Photos by : David Wolfe & Melissa Wolfe

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