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Engage!10 Cayman Islands – Welcome Reception

For the Engage!10 Welcome Reception, I’ve decided to show everyone a prelude to one of my wedding collections that will debut later this year. Rustic-chic was the inspiration for this particular event  The focal point was this huge centerpiece specially designed and constructed for a buffet station.  I was extremely thrilled to use these gorgeous yellow blooms from the Laburnum tree, a part of the wide array of local fauna available here in the Cayman Islands. I am all for using locally-grown materials and making something fabulous out of it!!!

We’ve incorporate bamboos, willows and yellow blooms to make this 14 ft 3-tiered centerpiece.

A band of daisies was used to wrap around the middle tier. Lights streaming through the different tiers created a cool effect on this piece.

The table centerpieces were miniature versions of the focal piece with yellow Tulips, Laburnum blooms and bamboo accents.

4 lounge areas of bamboos canopies with comfortable lounge seating were available for all the attendees to relax and socialize in.

Bamboo lanterns were hung on each canopy to provide ambient lighting too!

Rustic chic decor + amazing Engage!10 attendees = ONE GREAT PARTY ON THE BEACH!!!

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Photos by: David Wolfe

One thought on “Engage!10 Cayman Islands – Welcome Reception

  1. This is it! We will dream of this lovely island until we visit and get a chance to meet you :)
    To just say it's beautiful, would be the understatement of the century…lovely, Jo. We love your energy and the work you do!

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