Engage 11 Wedding Summit San Diego – Day 1

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Engage 11 Wedding Summit San Diego – Day 1

Where do I begin?  It is a week since attending Engage!11 in San Diego, and I am still bubbling I cannot begin to say how much I enjoyed being; what an incredible experience!  I have so much to share.   I feel like I have been a part of this entire conference from its very inception when that unbelievable lady, Rebecca Grinnals, Engaging Concepts discussed the idea with me at my office in the Cayman Islands!   And look at where this conference is now!  This is without question the paramount wedding summit in the world.  This conference is world class, and with Rebecca and Kathryn’s innovative and pioneering steadfastness, they are taking the attendees and participants of  this conference to a stratosphere that no other industry conference could ever deliver or has ever delivered.   This conference is indelible in my mind; the networking collaberation, friendships, have changed the way I conduct myself and my business.

Rebecca Grinnals & Kathry Arce of Engaging Concepts, the brains ( and beauty!) behind Engage11

The location of the conference, the host The Grand Del Mar in San Diego was not a resort or hotel, it was a destination.  Service, cuisine, and friendliness of staff impeccable, to feel at home and welcome in these pristine surroundings was remarkable.

There was not a detail left out, from the incredible swag bags that we received, to the ingredients inside, thoughtful, trending ideas, and just showing great craftsmanship.

The swag bag brimming with goodies!
Love these Tejani Bangles!
Yummy treat from Fantasy Frostings.
Check out of this breathtaking bridal gown of flowers made by the uber-talented Karen Tran.
Karen Tran, Rebecca Grinnals & I at the registration. Photo compliments of Karen Tran.
More Karen Tran. magic!
Stylish decor for the welcome session

We were so fortunate to have incredible speakers, that not only inspired, but were so willing to share, I am so lucky, indeed my entire team are so lucky to be part of this incredible industry.

The enigmatic David Beahm during the Opening Session

Top wedding designer, David Beahm  and motivational speaker Simon T. Bailey did presentations that were beyond informative, they were enlightening, inspiring and thought provoking.

Simon T. Bailey doing what he does best — Inspire
Later that night, we were all invited to the Welcome Party overlooking the San Diego Valley. It was truly a feast, food and decor wise.

“Grazing” stations and food trucks gave an informal feel to this outdoor party. Yet were spoilt all through out with scrumptious nibbles ranging from grilled seafood to mini burgers to popcorn.I knew right then that we were going to have a night to remember.

Gorgeous decor to complement the amazing view!

The night’s entertainment was provided by Elan Artists. The Earth Harp, which I have never seen ever before, was the heartbeat of the party. It didn’t take long for everybody to get up on their feet and start dancing the night away!

What a great way to start Engage11!!!!

Recap of Day 2 of Engage11 … soon come!

All Photos by : Mel Barlow and Co, except when indicated otherwise.

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